Yup, CBGB is Still Dead.

c/o cbgb.com
There’s an article in today’s New York Times that gives a depressing update on the status of now-defunct music mecca CBGB. The brand is being run out of Moishe’s Storage here in Williamsburg, and whoring itself out on an incredibly cheesy yet lucrative scale:
“…CBGB Fashions Inc., [is] a clothing operation run from the storage unit that sells T-shirts, belt buckles, onesies for kids, even a CBGB dog vest for your poodle. That ghastliness is matched only by the news that the club’s former barman, Ger Burgman, son-in-law of the deceased owner, Hilly Kristal himself, is now the customer service representative for online accounts.”
Burgman goes on to say that ‚”It’s just a regular old boring office job.” Apparently, any pride or nostalgia the employees may have once felt has now been replaced with desk job tedium. Still, who can blame ’em? If you were selling these nifty guitar pick earrings, you’d probably detach yourself from the entire thing as well.
The Times is also running a virtual tour of the office space, if you’re extra-curious.

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