Your last chance to block those abhorrent towers slotted for Greenpoint is on Thursday


If you can’t make it, but care about this issue, please email City Council. More information here.

Here’s the scoop on the hearing via Greenpointers:

The last of the public meetings will take place Thursday, December 5th, 2013 and this is your last chance to do something.

Location: 250 Broadway Committee Room 16th Floor
Time for Commercial Street meeting: 9:30 am
Time for Greenpoint Landing meeting: 1:00 pm

Greenpointers also spoke with Kim Masson of, who had this to say:

The last time I met with Councilman Levin he made it clear that Greenpoint residents need to step up and speak out at the Council Hearing. If we bombard them with speakers, then we have a swinging chance. Unfortunately we’ve seen a lot of voices speaking in favor of affordable housing and not enough speaking out against toxicity. So if you care about your health and your kid’s health, I urge everyone come out Dec 5th and prove to the city you don’t approve of these projects. People may also contact all the voting members by email and phone calls. We’ve provided a sample letter on our website which people may use to get their message across. But as our Councilman Steve Levin said, it is important we have bodies at the hearing. At the last public hearing 19 speakers (mostly paid lawyers) spoke out in favor of the developments, and only 9 testified against. With the odds stacked against us, it is no wonder the City is green lighting these projects. We’ve got a David and Goliath situation here and for this meeting we’re going to need a lot more slingshots.

Masson had this to say about DeBlasio:

We’ve contacted Bill DeBlasio and he never got back to us. I’m not surprised considering he worked with the Toll Bros. Developers in Gowanus to fight against it’s Superfund designation. They were such good friends, the Toll Bros. even threw DeBlasio’s birthday fundraiser party for him! No wonder DeBlasio thought it was cool to place people on top of the most fetid toxic waterways in the country.

Depressing, so let him know on Twitter or contact his office.  City council contact information is below:

City Council Member
District No. & County
Email Address
Phone Number
Stephen Levin
33 Brooklyn/Greenpoint
(718) 875-5200
Leroy Comrie
27 Queens
(718) 776-3700
Daniel Garodnick
4 Manhattan/ UES
(212) 818-0580
Vincent Ignizio
51 Staten Island
(718) 984-5151
Robert Jackson
7 Manhattan/Harlem
(212) 928-1322
Jessica Lappin
5 Manhattan/ Roosevelt Island
(212) 980-1808
Diana Reyna
34 Brooklyn/Bushwick
(718) 963-3141
Albert Vann
36 Brooklyn/Bed-Sty
(718) 919-0740
Mark Weprin
23 Queens/Bayside
(718) 468-0137
Ruben Wills
28 Queens/Jamaica
(718) 206-2068
Council Speaker: Christine Quinn
3 Manhattan/W.Village
(212) 564-7757



  1. Racists! Muslims should have every right to live in Greenpoint.

  2. Moses Kestenbaum ODA says:

    Who the fck needs another tower blocking the waterfront? Bring down the TOWERS. Plant tomatoes and peper on the vacant lot, creat jobs not billion $ penthouses

  3. Middle class people need them. People who work 50+ hours a week need them. People who put down their bongs so they could get a real job need them. It’s time to grow up kiddies. Mom and dad paid for college, now it’s time to make something of yourself. You can’t be a hippie for the rest of your life.

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