Young Magic- “Night In The Ocean” Video

Matthew Eisman Music Photography

Every other month, I go on an obsessive Young Magic rampage. It’s been going on for a year and you’d probably notice this if you’re socially connected with me. It’s quite unhealthy but I’m fine with it and I hope they’re fine with it. Young Magic is a trio experimental band from Brooklyn. My interest back on them ignited when they released  their second music video. This video is for “Night In The Ocean”, which will be on Young Magic’s forthcoming album Melt via Carpark Records. Produced by Newfoundland Tack, the visuals in “Night In The Ocean” involves a switch of a lovely couple doodling on each other’s skin and mesmerizing scenes of the ocean. The vintage color edits compliment their heavily synth-ed tunes. Throughout the video, abstract shapes keep appearing and I’m not sure what that means. Do you? Watch the video below and get hooked.

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