You on the Cover of the New F*cked Up 7"

From Matador Records:

What do you get the Fucked Up fan who already has everything? How about a custom made, one-of-a-kind copy of their new, only-available-at-fine-indie-retailers, Couple Tracks 7″ with YOU on the cover art? If you win this contest, we will add your photo to the outlined area of the cover art above and ship this one of a kind record to your door. Kinda cool, I know.
So how then do you get yourself immortalized on this 1 of 1 Couple Tracks 7‚Ä≥ cover? Simple. Gather together all your Fucked Up singles and display them in some way. Sure, your collection can be laid out on your bed but we’ll look favorably upon people who go the extra mile here. What’s the ‚”extra mile”? Hard to say. Impress us. Feel free to take inspiration from Extreme Ironing. Prove yourself to be worthy of this honor.

Send your submissions to [email protected] by Feb. 6th

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