Yet they continue to run Family Circus…

from Editor and Publisher:
Trio of Papers Pull Today’s ‘Boondocks’ Referring to Bush and Drugs
NEW YORK – At least three of the approximately 300 “Boondocks” clients dropped today’s strip mentioning President Bush’s alleged former drug use.
Aaron McGruder’s comic showed one character saying: “Bush got recorded admitting that he smoked weed.” Another character replies: “Maybe he smoked it to take the edge off the coke.”
According to Universal Press Syndicate, newspapers pulling today’s strip included The Detroit News and the Star Tribune in Minneapolis. The Poynter Institute’s Romenesko site reported that the Chicago Tribune also dropped today’s “Boondocks,” with the paper saying the comic “presents inaccurate information as fact.”
Universal said the Star Tribune also plans to drop tomorrow’s “Boondocks,” which again refers to Bush’s alleged former drug use.
The syndicate further noted that The Miami Herald plans to pull “The Boondocks” when McGruder addresses a different topic this Friday and Saturday; Universal declined to say what that topic will be.
“We respect the rights of editors to substitute strips or not run them if they feel a comic is inappropriate,” said Kathie Kerr, director of communications at Universal.


  1. Freedom of speech is a crime these days…

  2. yes it is

  3. fuck freedom of speech. that shit is fucking gay.

  4. “I know bush uses, I’ve sold numerous types of drugs to government affiliates and the first lady.”

  5. its a damm shame. what the hell are the editors afraid of…boondocks is one of the best comics to come out in a long time. Bush did admit to using pot on tape, and the comic merely joked about it using what was already common knowledge, and now this! In case your wondering the USA is Germany 70 years ago. Past drug use doesn’t make bush a bad president today but censorship today makes us a bad country tommorrow.

  6. Anonymous says:

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