Yes the NY Times did a piece on fashion at the Williamsburg Whole Foods

wholefoodsThere has been many a moment over the last few years where we thought that we had truly reached peak Williamsburg. However, The NY Times doing a fashion piece on what people are wearing to the Williamsburg Whole Foods proves that there’s always a little bit farther we can go. Some of the professions of the people profiled in the piece shockingly include: photographer, model, art handler, DJ and Reiki practitioner. You can see the piece right here. I can’t knock it too much though as it gave us one incredible photo. I think we can universally agree that this man (posing at the #1 most Instagrammed spot in Brooklyn) is fantastic and should be the face of La Croix:

Photo via the NY Times

Photo via the NY Times



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  2. Orlando Colon says:

    Whole Food Market opened up in Williamsburg, Brooklyn with great success, an American Supermarket chain offering New Yorkers the opportunity to purchase healthy food without artificial preservatives, colors, flavors, sweeteners, and hydrogenated fats. The other side of the clean store, the perfect location, and the great customer service is the negative impact a store of this megastructure can have on the residents of this small neighborhood. Since the opening of this large store, the noise pollution between the hours of 10 pm and 7 am has increased to above 100 dB, which can be compared to a motorcycle or a concert up close. Complaints have been filed with city agencies and political leaders, but Whole Food Market continues to show a deaf ear to the lack of standard of health, comfort, and happiness entitled to all residents of Williamsburg Brooklyn. Time to show our support or the lack of to the new Whole Food Market located in Williamsburg Brooklyn.

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