Xixa – A New Mexican Restaurant, From The People Behind Traif

From Immaculate Infatuation:

The folks from Traif have a new Mexican(ish) restaurant, and they’ve elected to name it Xixa, pronounced “shiksa.” For those of you ladies out there who aren’t of the tribe, that’s basically what a Jewish guy’s mother might call you once the two of you started dating – at least when she’s talking to her friends. Add that up with the name of their first place (“traif” is a word for non-Kosher things like pork and shellfish), and we’re officially impressed with both the food these guys cook and their acumen for coming up with restaurant names that might piss off the nearby Hasidic community […]

Spicy Shrimp Gorditas
Two amazing little rock shrimp gorditas with a spicy kick. There are a great way to kick off a meal at Xixa, and are highly recommended.

Spanish Mackerel Tartare
Another excellent item from the menu, and one that was actually relatively easy to share. You’ll get a nice serving of ceviche, a bunch of little home made tortilla chips, and some avocado mousse. Make little bites and be happy.

Foie Gras Al Pastor
Under no circumstances do you skip this. Two perfectly seared peices of foie gras sit atop some kind of grilled chipotle pineapple. There’s other stuff in there too, but I think I blacked out after a few bites. You might as well just have this for dessert.

Salty Churros
Just in case you still need dessert after your foie gras dessert, this is the way to go. A few salty/sweet churros with ice cream never did anybody wrong.

241 S. 4th St., Brooklyn, NY 11211


  1. What I would give to have Aldo’s back. So depressing.

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