Wreck Room, king of all Bushwick dives, closing after 9 years


Photo via Hrag Vartanian

So this one floored us… according to our pals over at Bushwick Daily, Flushing Avenue’s Wreck Room will be closing up shop after nine years:

We couldn’t believe it either…. What seemed like a staple at Bushwick bar scene, dive bar Wreck Room has announced that they are closing as of June 30, and this coming Saturday will be their last day.

One of the bartenders at Wreck Room, Troi Benjamin has publicly announced on his Facebook:

Screen shot 2014-06-23 at 2.15.23 PM

“The same old Bushwick story,”  told us the bar manager, Tuck on the phone today confirming that indeed, Wreck Room is closing on Saturday. “Landlord, new lease, rent increase….” Tuck refused to tell us the specific numbers but told us that the owner was over it already. “After nine years….”

An employee whose name we didn’t catch on the phone mentioned also constant trouble with the maintenance of the place and the landlord.

Arancini Bros, the famed rice ball maker will be closing too.

Arancini Bros have kinda cemented their place amongst the “kitschy food stand that has a stand at every BK event” crowd, so I’m sure they’ll be fine without a brick-and-mortar location (for now), but the loss of Wreck Room is a huge blow. It’s one of the last true dives in the hood; colorful alcoholic regulars, impossibly cheap drinks, bathrooms swarming with an entire alphabet of hepatitis strains (see above)… exactly the kind of place we love. You’ll be missed, Wreck Room.

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