'World's Fastest Nudist' Spotted In Williamsburg

We don’t have much information on this dude but he claims to be the “current holder of over 400 nude-speed records.” Oh, and he likes risotto, tacos, and exposing his shiny ass in public:

Evidently, he’s making a documentary. Will there be cameos by the Naked Cowboy or this freak of nature? For now, you can follow him on Twitter, visit his Tumblr or, um, pray to God his special place didn’t touch that subway seat you sat in earlier today on the L. If you have more information, definitely let us know.


  1. That Guy That Does That Thing says:

    anybody seen that spiderman RUNNING a rickshaw in lowwer Manhattan late nights?

  2. looks like michael ian black

  3. shaklezflamazo says:

    we get it, you like chris pontius from jackass… although he’s funnier.

  4. Oh the Spiderman guy! I spotted him once.

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