Woodkid – Iron

Best video of the year so far?

Woodkid – Iron from WOODKID on Vimeo.

What a breath of fresh air after drowning in a avalanche of found footage music videos. Not a bad jam either.


  1. Concerned Citizen says:

    This is a skinhead video promoting white supremacy. The two keys against the black background represent how white people see themselves. They murder and innocent native american man to save the white race, which is represented by the baby on the alter. The priest makes it a holy war by preaching from his book of hate. The two keys also represent death, like skull and bones. That is why it is also on the flag. The bird represents the spirit of the white female going with the skinhead into battle. Too much to explain. Why did these jerk rip off Kanye? Taiko drums?

    • ConcernedOfConcernedCitizen says:

      You have no idea what you’re talking about.
      The director is French. If you still don’t have a clue, France was utterly destroyed by the Nazis. Neo-Nazis are synonymous to skinheads. Go learn history or watch American History X.
      That is a child by the way, not a baby. Also, no signs of sacrifice, and no correlation between the child and Native Americans. Check 0:55 & 2:05 as well, cause unless I’m color blind, neither of them are white. Oh wait, the film is black and white, but guess what, they still aren’t white.
      And if I’m not mistaken, the guy reading a book, isn’t a priest. Don’t priests have robes? Oh yeah, they do. And the book he’s reading, isn’t the bible, since it’s clearly marked on the cover with the 2 keys. And guess what as well? Not a single cross or direct connotation to any other religion in the film.
      Also, no sure how you jumped from keys to this, but Skull & Bones? That’s the Jolly Roger, and is historically known for use by Pirates, with use dating back to the Knights Templar being outlawed in 1307. When flown it would indicate that they are outlaws and would show no quarter (means they would leave no survivors). And yes, the Knights Templar had a navy. The keys probably have closest relation the symbol of the Papal States which was disestablished in 1870. But the keys in the film are upside-down and the keys are not identical, hence, it does not represent the Papal States.
      Again, go learn history.
      As for the owl and the lady? To represent something would mean to take the place of or signify something, but newsflash, the lady is in the same scenes as the owl, and hence the owl is not representing the lady. (rep·re·sent = Describe or depict someone or something.)
      So I seriously fail to see how this video represents skinhead ideology, or white supremacy, or religion, or even racism. As for Native Americans being oppressed, blame the initial European colonists. But unless you can time travel, it’s a little late for that.
      Congratulations on being ignorant. Go learn more of the world. For now, just enjoy the video for what it is without hating.
      As a piece of art, the song and film are epic.
      Can’t wait for AC: Revelations!

      • Everyone that agrees, Say I………..I!!

        • i think that maybe the two Keys represent Slavation and Damnation…..on the other hand they could represent injustice or something like that……maybe they’re rebels and going up against the law or the church or something like …im not really sure maybe we should just ask the band what they stand-for

      • Thank you for putting Concerned Citizen in his/her place.
        I can’t believe that some people just exist to look for reasons to be mad at everything.

      • France ? Utterly destroyed ? Bwahahahaha ! It’s you who should go and learn history because France was a country of collaborants, cowards and traitors . They care only about their fancy french asses .

        How many gears does a french tank have ?
        Four . One forward and three backwards.

        What colours has a french flag had during WWII?
        Only one actually. White.

        And a few words about symbolism.
        Keys – symbol of power (see that they are different , can also symbolize man and woman or dualism in general.)
        Owl – symbol of Athene.
        Lamp – symbol of idea , wisdom or mystery (tarot card hermit).
        Book – indoctrination.
        Dog- loyalty .
        Dead kid – see what he wears . Any ideas ? (a hint – education. And i think he isn’t dead , only asleep .)
        “priest” – is a businesmann – symbol of corporations.
        I suppose that it’s the priest who has summoned a rain of this dark ash on the fighters . The rest is for you . Logic is power .

      • Sorry for my poor english ,but I’m from Europe and never went to school to learn english language.Here are my thoughts .I absolutely love music made by Woodkid but something troubles me .I see weird connections to satanism and I can’t understand that .First I discovered in video “Run boy run” boys runs with some devilish beasts that jumped from underground (hell?) to attack something ,then this weird building shows and for a moment you can see window with cross upside down shape just like Satan symbol.That got me thinking .I want to add that I’m not some kind of religion freak .I don’t go to church at all unless I have to .Then another thing strike me .Why Woodkid symbol is St Peter keys lookalike that are also symbol of Vatican but upside down?Is this another way to show cross upside down?I can’t understand meaning of what is Woodkid trying to express ,is he some kind of hidden satanist?

    • GuyWhoThinksNothingOfConcernedCitizen says:

      You are a sad idiot.

      And saying they ripped off Kanye with Taiko drums?
      Please… You’re prolly one of the people who think Cher ripped off T-Pain with the auto-tune.

      I hope you are just trolling, because otherwise, you… ah nevermind. Tragic.

  2. Unconcerned Citizen says:


    I think you totally misinterpreted the piece and projected a bunch of your own preconceived impressions of symbols onto it. The theme is being used for a videogame that contains similar imagery- if anything, that’s where the concept comes from, not skinhead ideology.

  3. I too am trying to figure whats going on in this video. As we all can see there’s a lot of symbolism here. My thing is, why would there be a Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saint or LDS or Mormon Temple at the end of the video? Im LDS and Im wondering why? Lol

    • So from what I’ve looked up, Woodkid grew up in France, and the temple is located in Bern, Swiss (look it up, it’s pretty awesome), so the Bern, Swiss Temple would be the closest temple to him at the time. But he doesn’t include the Moroni statue on it, so I don’t think he’s trying to refer to us, maybe he added it because it looked cool? I’m not too sure, I’m also LDS and this interested me too 🙂

  4. Maybe he’s trying to say something about the apostasy: lost keys…salvation for the dead…

    Just sayin’.

  5. Edmond Dantes says:

    I think it is over zealous to be so brutal with concerned citizen. While the full interpretation may be wrong, it is clear this more than a meaningless – art video for music.
    I believe there is a message within, in addition this was created some 4 months before the beutifully cinematic Asssasins Creed Revalations video – not withstanding Assasins Creed, has messages that are not so obvious.
    The headwear of the little boy is interesting, (to wear the legal right of Ceaser but also used in pagan ritual),more so is the slab on which he lies sleeping? he his chest does not move with breath, dead?, sacrificed?, a metaphor for the innocence lost, who knows?.
    The book being read from appears of some faith as it it is observed as preached, despite the preachers obscure garb.
    A women who looks like a boy (an old practice of prostitutes) carrying a bird which preys apon vermin, a bird which in pagan circles is considerd wise. Wolves tattooed and depicted (opposing to the role of the Lamb which is innocent ), A man weilding a Morning Star. So much more…. the message is cleary aimed at those who will understand it, for myself I confess I would need to research more, and admit it is catchy but I don’t like the the unsure elements the video produces.

    I would have said it was epic when coupled with the cinematic Asssasins Creed Revalations video.

  6. Well, i see some vatican symbol a skinhead, freemasons and so much hate…that’s a call for a crusade.if it’s the case; i’m sad to see such a satanic trap to make beleivers in god fight against each other… A Senseless Waste Of Human Life.
    on my side and only to protect my own: I believe that’s something we were born ready for, it lays in our veines .so bring it on.

    hope i’m wrong
    by the way.the song is a beauty

  7. Well, i see some vatican symbol a skinhead, freemasons and so much hate…that’s a call for a crusade.
    if it’s the case; i’m sad to see such a satanic trap to make beleivers in god fight against each other… A Senseless Waste Of Human Life.
    on my side and only to protect my own: I believe that’s something we were born ready for, it lays in our veines .so bring it on.

    hope i’m wrong
    by the way.the song is a beauty

  8. Princem0n0 says:

    Art has always been a tool for expression and until recently has stayed that way. This video i feel is not art for arts sake. There is very clearly an over all message that the group wants brought across.

    AS for all the symbols I’m familiar with and their meanings, most of which have been spoken.

    The owl to me represents wisdom flying freely a midst all the chaos. Showing that despite our differences people can work and in this case go to war together for each others lives.

    Now the keys are very prominent, they obviously hold the most meaning from everything else in the vid. There are two keys blatantly different though ornately similar. It is possible they could mean alpha and omega. Or two keys which can serve the same purpose even though they may not open the same door. (They can be interpreted in a wide variety of ways)

    WE must also remember the match lit which signifies something has happened and set alight to the ensuing events. The sky before the match is lit is calm though very cloudy maybe signifying a coming storm.

    The first characters you see could represent warriors from differnt times. “tattoo guy English punk revolution on his hands we see “Your round” tattoed maybe saying they what happened in this video is the past and now it is our time to fight back”

    The guy with the book could be trying to change peoples minds with the power of words. His book has the keys on it leading me to believe his character is not malevolent as some have said.

    Owl girl represents warriors who go into battle with an animal at their side, they believed having a animal as a partner was like going into battle with another weapon. However the animal partners were viewed as equals and treated as such.

    Native american (for lack of a better term) is accompanied by german shepards which hearken to wolves they could very well show that even though he looks like he’s alone maybe the spirit of his ancestors are giving him strength. Tattoo guy has identical dog tattoos on his back they seem to be mirror images but are different upon inspection.

    Drummer they have been the heart beat of war for many eras to many nations. Striking fear into the hearts of their enemies with just the beat of their drums which in some cases were said to be heard for miles.

    Guy on the horse, from far away looks like a samurai, given his thin hide based armour and helmet. But when we look closer he is more rugged and thrown together he maybe more a nomad which despite not having homelands they more than likely had to fight against people who wished to take advantage of them when in new lands? Not too clear on this character.

    Then we see a figure with a giant metal knife, machete or short sword if you will. He could be an assassin givin his carefully covered face and body. Not wishing to show who they are but have never killed without a reason. More traditionally those reasons were regime changes or coup de tats.

    Then we have another warrior show up with a halberd after everyone has shouted their cries from seeing ash fall from the sky.

    Now the kid on the table maybe hes innocence and maybe innocence has died which is why they are all going to battle?

    We see some kind of organ well it looks like an organ to me and maybe its playing the funeral song? Because they zoom in on it as the trumpets get louder.

    Then what seem to be meteors/meteorites start falling from the sky and laying waste to everyone. Not sure what this is, maybe a higher order of the universe that we can’t understand reacting to our squabbles? (look up string theory if you think nothing we do on earth can effect the universe.)

    Also the keys go flying no longer around the native americans neck. Cast into the wind as it were.

    Now couple this with the lyrics of the song and there’s even more that can be understood. Now i have to go to church but yeah this was my opinion and i’m not negating others posts or quantifying them. Just putting my thought into the universe is all.

  9. slammmertag says:

    this song is open to each viewers interpretation but please do not simply try and force your views on others such as the skinhead theorys , however nobody has mentioned the connection between prisoners (skinhead = general prison haircut) and the tattoos , also listen to the music as thats more important


  10. minna mus says:


    They are the S: Peter´s keys, the are called the keys of heaven, and of course they are at the flag of the Vatican, so are the symbol of Papal, Church, White people,(but in the negative way of course, symbol of control, religion, power, conservative, racism, ) and at the end, if you put it together with no tolerance + skinhead : “KIllers in the name of God”

  11. maybe the kid is Odin, maybe the guy with long hair is Loki, maybe two dogs (wolves) are Geri and Freki, maybe the lady is Valkiria, maybe the horse is Sleipnir, maybe the guy with a spear is Gungnir, and maybe the name of the battle is Ragnarok. maybe the last place shown is Asgard. Maybe a guy who read a book is something like a priest , maybe he hold suitcase because of crusades, maybe the tattoo guy is like holy knight, and maybe assasin guy is like a church. and maybe is a religious war. hmmm.. I dont see any more guys in this video…

    • you must know a lot about Norse mythology, i guess there is some connection between Asgard at the end and the Mormon temple at the beginning. maybe he is leaving the Mormon temple for Asgard.

  12. ihavenoidea says:

    I have no idea what this is or could be about. I love this song, but, as I happen to be Roman Catholic, I really don’t want it to be satanic or against Catholicism. Also, if you notice, the temple or whatever it is, is where they are the whole time. Because if you watch Woodkid’s second video, Run Boy Run, it shows the boy running from that temple, and all along the way some creatures are popping out of the ground, and helping him, as he runs towards a city with the same keys and everything. So my guess, Woodkid is making a story. And we won’t know the full meaning until he releases all of his songs and videos. who knows where this will take us, we’ll find out soon enough.

  13. I think the keys on the flag represent the key to heaven and hell, both of which imply death. Furthermore, I believe that its usage in the video is allegorical of ideologies that are used to control men, be it religion/social/political. This is definitely the most visually moving video I have seen. It shows young warriors from different times (“from the dawn of time till the end of days”) all dying for what was being told to them by the boy who read from the book with the keys. in the end, they all die and the book burns (changes form) and we do it all over again with a different set of ideals.

  14. The basic meaning is war. War in heaven (or from heaven, as seen in the video), which really means a spiritual war. Al the people appearing in the video are involved in a war.

    The two keys symbol, it’s true, is found in the Vatican Flag. But that’s because the roman pope’s authority is considered to be thanks to these “keys,” which are the keys of the heaven’s gates, o more exactly, to the kingdom of heavens which rules over the world according to the theological concept. Ergo, the roman popes rule over the world. That was said so by them, that was the official justification in that time and even now.

    The kingdom of heaven is really the archetypical world and the “sky” of the soul or psyche. Heaven, in this case, means astral o sidereal, which is a reference related to the astral world of the occult and the old concept of astrology in the sense of sidereal archetypes ruling over the lives of humankind. This is also related with time.

    Two keys because they are precisely the two universal keys of our (human) world, i.e. yin and yang, good and evil in the sense of Genesis myth of creation, solve et coagula of the alchemy, and so. It is not necessary to them to appear in a certain way or direction to be this symbol of the two keys. This symbol is not involved with one single religion, but with all the main religions because they are concerned with time and holydays as the sun and the planets travel across the starry sky. I think religions are somehow heavily related with our perception of lineal time, for in the astral realms it is said that there’s another way of see the time and ours is comparatively restricted.

    There’s a war to be fought for the control of mankind. The climax of that war draws near. This is a spiritual or “astral” war, but the actual global conflicts and chaos are reflections of it. So is the mental and emotional inner state of mankind, which is the true battlefield. The human being is therefore also in war with him/herself. This is the spirit of this video, I think, symbolized in the two wolves tattoo on the skinhead man.


    Regarding the little boy, I think is a symbol of the new era this conflict is going to give birth. That’s why he is lying on a stone slab, because this suggest he is dead… that is, he is being gestated in the darkness of the conflict and chaos… Solve et Coagula means dissolve and redo the whole thing, so something new and allegedly better is born. And that’s this child.

    This very same child appears running away from the tower at the end of the video in other video entitled Run Boy Run by Woodkid. It emphasizes the idea of a brave new world order running away from the peril of these first times.

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  16. JOEYJOEJOE says:

    Here’s a quote from Yoann Lemoine (the singer) about the keys.
    “I have two key tattoos on my arms that I got in 2007 when I moved to New York. It was just a way for me to express my identity as an adult and the act of making them into two and having my own set of keys, which to me represents my home both to and away from my parents. I decided to use crossed keys because they’re a symbol of religion — the symbol of the Papal keys and the Vatican. There are a lot of religious inserts in my project because, of course, religion is very important to my music. I have used a lot of organs and chords that belong to classical religious music, so having these keys definitely makes a lot of sense. But it also represents me and the kid that thirsts to become an adult and collide with a lot of themes surrounding religion and war.”

  17. What’s the name of this alleged skinhead?

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