“Women on bikes with Woody Allen glasses with fat asses” – Killer Mike recommends moving to Williamsburg

killermikeNoisey had Killer Mike and El-P hilariously respond to YouTube comments on their Run the Jewels track 36 Inch Chain. The first commenter expressed his displeasure at being called a hipster, to which Killer Mike let him know there is a place called Williamsburg where he could find happiness:

“Trust me one day you gonna get to move out of that town you live in, and you gonna get to go to this place called Williamsburg. It is to hipsters what Mecca is to Muslims. I’m talking about women on bikes with Woody Allen glasses with fat asses who don’t really give a damn about cardio or strength training, they just got it. You’re going to be there amongst art and commerce and overpriced fried chicken and your life is going to be fucking great.

Watch below:

- @joshmorrissey

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