WOLVVES on ice

Photo: Marisha Camp via the New York Times

Photo: Marisha Camp via the New York Times

Lewis Valleau, 1/3 of Brooklyn-based performance-art “witch-step” musical trio WOLVVES (who just released their debut EP), celebrated his birthday at the opening of the McCarren Park ice skating rink, and lo and behold the NY Times Style Section was on it.

Lewis Valleau, 19, Lefferts Gardens.

What brings you out today?
Well, it’s my 19th birthday and my big brother took me ice skating.
What were you thinking about when you got dressed to go skating?
 It’s the same thing every day.

See Lewis and the rest of his verbose pack  of WOLVVES perform off the ice Wednesday night at Ella.


  1. Also come see #WOLVVES headline at Glasslands on December 8th!

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