Wolf ‘Ambassador’ – a very “professional beast” – coming to Videology

Bands have stopped naming themselves after wolves, but this wolf is still likely to to be a hit:

Videology is hosting a diplomatic summit of wild proportions on Dec. 7, when Atka, New Yord’s most well-traveled and even-tempered wolf ambassador, visits the Williamsburg bar-theater for a special screening of an arctic wolf-themed episode of the BBC’s “Frozen Planet” series.

“He’s the most professional beast, humans included, I’ve every worked with,” said Maggie Howell, executive director at the New York Wolf Conservation Center.

Atka — who, at 11-years-old, might be turning grey if not for his white, arctic coat — is, without a doubt, one handsome creature. But a wolf cannot survive on looks alone, and Howell said it is Atka’s calm demeanor and easy temper that makes him particularly well suited to working amongst humans.

In fact, Atka is probably the least wolf-like wolf Howell has ever seen in her eight years working at the conservation center….

Meet Atka and see “Frozen Planet” at Videology [308 Bedford Ave. between South First and South Second streets in Williamsburg, (718) 782–3468, www.videology.info] Dec. 7 at 2 pm, $25.

Information about Videology here.

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