Williamsburg woman falls to her death while attempting to enter boyfriend’s Kent Ave. apartment

HannahShaw29-year-old fashion designer Hannah Shaw fell to her death late Friday while attempting to climb into her boyfriend’s fourth floor window from the rooftop. She had been out drinking with her 42-year-old boyfriend Alex Douglas at Lucky Dog on Bedford Avenue. From NY Daily News:

As the night wound down, Douglas said Shaw, 29, told him she was going back to her place on S. Fourth St.
“She ended up not going home. I ran into her on the street outside my place with some other guy,” said Douglas. He said he was stung and conflicted by the sight of Shaw talking to another man.
“I did invite her in — and then told her to leave,” he said. “I told her not to come over.”
He said Shaw went up to the roof, then tried to scale down the side of the building, grasping onto a set of hanging cable wires for support.
“She was trying to climb down from the roof into my kitchen window and she fell,” he said. “There is no fire escape.”
She landed on the roof of an adjacent building — three floors below his fourth-floor apartment, Douglas said.

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