Williamsburg to become Murray Hill, then Upper East Side


Yesterday, we learned that Wythe Ave. will soon become a playground for the rich and boring. Today, thanks to a report by Ideal Properties Group, we know that they will soon own all of north Brooklyn.

From the report:

If you have purchased a property in Brownstone Brooklyn in 1Q 2014, you are most likely to be a 31 to 40-year-old male, member of a two-person household, who has already been living in a property you owned in Brooklyn prior to purchasing in order to upgrade your living situation.

You have most likely purchased your property without seeking a loan, and you have most likely looked at properties in Park Slope, Brooklyn Heights, Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill, Prospect Heights, Fort Greene or Williamsburg prior to purchasing.

Your salary is most likely between $100,000 and $199,999 per year, and you are most likely working in accounting, finance, sales, legal or marketing fields. You are most likely not self-employed.

Emphasis ours. If the prospect of Williamsburg becoming the next Murray Hill wasn’t bad enough, it seems that it won’t be long before it’s just another Upper East Side. As fast as rich young men are buying up Brooklyn property, they’re being outpaced by an even richer sub-species of young men – SuperBros, if you will:

It comes as no surprise that Brownstone Brooklyn properties attract affluent buyers; however, the area is beginning to exhibit a trend of attracting more purchasers with higher income levels than before. The income bracket between $100,000 and $199,999 still dominates the landscape, with 31 percent of buyers falling into the category. This is however 16 percent fewer than in previous quarter, and 17 percent fewer than the year prior. The biggest change – with the largest percent increase in purchasers – is taking place in the income bracket of $300,000+ (30 percent, or 98 percent more than in previous quarter, and a remarkable 316 percent more than a year ago).

Don’t these SuperBros understand that coolness isn’t osmotic? You can’t become cool by living near people who are cool. It just doesn’t work. Sorry, SuperBros. You will always be lame. But at least you’re rich.

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  1. Alexander fermi says:

    Property values have gone up. Alert the media. There must be something sensational they can say about this.

  2. richard says:

    For the love of god, can we just stop with the whole ‘Middle-class professionals aren’t allowed to buy property in OUR part of the city’ spiel. It’s so tired and petty. You sound like a bunch of jealous middle schoolers pissed off that another kid’s parents bought them the cool Christmas present that you wanted. Real estate costs money; Williamsburg’s a cool place to live; people who have money who want to live somewhere cool are going to move to Williamsburg. What is hard to understand about this? Writing catty articles that make them sound like scions of a ruling class, when they’re really just working professionals who happen to make slightly more money than you, just looks so goddamn sad. Get over it.

  3. dick, why are you on this site?

    • richard says:

      Because I’ve lived in Williamsburg for eleven years and I’m not a pretentious elitist dipshit who thinks it’s my own little playground.

      • or are you?

        • richard says:

          If someone makes more money than me and wants to move into my neighborhood, I don’t give a shit. I like living here and it’s a no-brainer for me why other people would want to move into the same area. And frankly, if it makes twats like you up and leave then their presence is having a net positive effect, with the exception of having to listen to the death throes of you whining on here and to your parents because they’re going to have to cut you another check for a new security deposit.

          • It’s people like you who kill a neighborhood, the ones that push up their noses to those who created the scene. The kind of attitude that thinks every “kid” you see with a new pair of kicks or a nice car had to have a paycheck cut from mommy….because nobody out here is forced to work 2 jobs 70 something hours a week at 11 dollars an hour, and at the end of the day decides to have something nice you tool. Yeah you do have people who got it easy, is able to take that trust fund and enjoy life…in your mind it must be at least 99 percent of America, minus you of course(insert sad face here)…but to applaud gentrification, sky-rocketing housing prices on a site that started with pure ideas of art, fun and to enjoy a slice of New York to watch it all taken away by ever increasing priced out spots, baby carriages and glass towers…and then a completely inept and utter and absolute schmuck as yourself to come on here say there’s no problem with that? tell me again how much you love New York, tell me how that makes you a true “Williamsburger” for that whole long and humbling 11 years you’ve spent there…continue to live there, continue to kill dreams with your rhetoric, you seem to be good at that

  4. jjinbroklyn says:

    Yes, W’burg is a great place to live, no shit. The problem is not that people making $300K are moving here – the bigger issue for me and all my artist friends is: where do we go?

    As a professional artist who has made around $50-60k/year for the last decade, I’m priced out of the entire area, unless I stay in my run-down old studio. In spite of saving up, I’ll never be able to buy anything in Brooklyn, and there is no more sense of community here. We’re all just priced out. Only those who have joined the full-on Bloombergian corporate culture of the New New York can move here.

    Yea, so what, things change, right? And NYC is always changing. But is there no place affordable left? Are there no more communities where the new influx of young hungry artists can go, and cross wires with those of us who are making a living at it, enriching the whole scene?

    This artistic flourishing has happened for well over 100 years in NYC, but it all seems to be coming to an end – and all so fast. During the 12-year reign of one mayor, it all changed. The Brooklyn Bowl is not the problem – the problem is that there’s nowhere left.

  5. Bobby Moses says:

    Murray Hill and UES actually have nice buildings. Williamsburg will always look like shit no matter how much greedy landlords charge.

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