‘Williamsburg: The Movie’ is filming this weekend. What is it?

themovieA production titled ‘Williamsburg: The Movie’ is slated to film in the burg this weekend (thanks Marc Koz for spotting the sign on North 6th and Berry). So what what do we think this movie is going to be?

– A documentary about the ever changing neighborhood of Williamsburg?

– An awful parody movie featuring actors wearing shutter shades, scarves, and whining about brunch?

– A remake of Brad Saville’s 2006 black-and-white film Williamsburg?

– A film secretly sponsored by Starbucks and filled with subliminal messages to lure your into their new store?

– A major motion picture starring Eddie Pepitone as the disgruntled owner of Kings Pharmacy who is fighting to stay in business?

What do you think?

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  1. banjonyc says:

    Great, another film shoot on Berry and North 6th. I swear between, Girls, the Deniro film , tons of commercials and independent films, Berry and North 6-10th is always full of movie trucks. I get it. Its a great thing. Tax revenue blah blah. But literally every two weeks its another shoot clogging up the streets.

  2. I’m getting pretty fed up with all these film shoots myself… the Hollywood machine is the driving force behind the Disneyfication of Williamsburg! Stop feeding us this bullshit!

  3. Jacque burrows says:

    I hope this movie is about the rich Europeans snobs that come to New York, buy land and force the native New Yorkers out of their own towns because that’s all New York needs.. More honkies with money

  4. Megan hinsdale says:

    Can’t wait for the sequel, “Bushwick: the film”

  5. Ordell Robbie says:

    uhhh i saw signs for bushwick the movie near AP cafe

  6. These are fake. Bushwick the movie, Annie Hall 2, and Taxi Driver 2 signs have been spotted as well. Not sure of the origin but probably safe to say these aren’t legit.

    If you don’t like filming on Berry then move.

  7. The first wiliamsburg indy was so hard to get through… ugh.

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