Update: Kidnapped Williamsburg real estate developer found dead

Update: Kidnapped real estate developer Menachem Stark was found dead yesterday. From DNA info:

The body of Menachem Stark, 39, was discovered just before 4 p.m. by a gas station employee in the garbage bin behind the Getty Station at 120 Cuttermill Rd in Great Neck, Nassau County police said. They did not know the cause of death.

Like a scene out of a movie Williamsburg real estate developer Menachem Stark was kidnapped outside of his Williamsburg office by two men who threw him into a van as he left work. From therealdeal:

Police said that Stark was kidnapped late Thursday night by two assailants. The kidnappers were lying in wait outside Stark’s office, and when he emerged, they threw him into a white van and drove off, the reports show.
Today’s snowstorm – which left parts of Brooklyn covered in eight inches of snow — is complicating the search for Stark

VIN news is reporting that his family is asking for help obtaining security footage from the area:

“We need people to come help with the cameras,” Yoely Stark, brother of the missing man, told VIN News. “We need volunteers to see which buildings have cameras and we need people who know how to access the security footage.”
While police are not officially calling Stark’s disappearance an abduction, they have confirmed that security footage show Stark leaving his office at 2:30 AM.

I’m not sure why the police aren’t officially called it an abduction unless they believe it’s another Old School style hazing like what happened in Manhattan last year.

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  1. Moishe'la has spoken. says:

    Discussion with Moishe’la (with his family)
    A handicapped child
    Cheshvan 17 5773 (Nov 1’12)

    “Don’t you see that the world is falling apart?”

    I only want to tell you this, that if the Yidden in America ignore the warning that Frankenstorm brought with it they will be very sorry. Very soon the anti-Semitism that has been hidden more or less since the Second World War will raise its head again in a fierce way in America and all over Europe and most of the world.

    I’m saying this not as a Chiddush (something new) but because we are already seeing it happen and Yidden are trying to ignore it, but soon it will blow up in their

    faces and this will be another message.

    The Yidden in Europe suffered Gehenom on this earth but why? Because they were not keeping the Mitzvos not even the most basic ones. The much smaller percentage of those so-called Frum where also riddled with the mindset of the Haskolah. True there where Tzadikim of a great level and Chasidim also on a great level but the percentage was very small in comparison to those who have been tainted by the Haskolah. But in our generation over sixty years since the end of world war two we almost don’t feel the anti-Semitism. It’s not in style or wasn’t in style but now things have changed, most governments are criminal governments that like nothing better then persecuting Am HaKodesh and because we have lost most of our Kedusha we are left unprotected against the evil that has taken over the world.

    However the Yidden who trust only in Hashem and walk through the valley of death with out any fear because Hashem is with them, those people will survive.

    Mommy: Why does the moon looks so interesting tonight?
    Moishela: On this day the 17th of MarCheshvon the moon here in Yerushalyim Ir HaKodesh was extremely beautiful but frightening also. A little star and a huge bright moon with a halo around it, a moon framed by clouds rippling in the background a very impressive sight, the star and the moon show us a great and frightening war will be here soon, all those who trust in Hashem and are not afraid of bombs and soldiers, lack of money, or being hungry, HaKodesh Boruch Hu will provide everything for His true people that trust Him and are with Him, for those who love Him and love am Yisroel.

    This is the difference between what will happen now and what happened during the Second World War. in this conflict which will be a thousand times more frightening than World War Two, the Yidden who hold on tightly to HaKodosh Boruch Hu will live they will survive Im Yirtza Hashem, those that not will not.

    In the Second World War Reshoim, Tzaddikim, and Bainonim where all killed, in this conflict Hashem will forcefully return all true Yidden to the Emes and save them, but

    Amelak and Arev Rav will be wiped out of existence.

    Am Yisroel the true Jews among you please come together scream out to Hashem beg him to forgive us cry many many tears cry until you have puddles around you and beg Hashem to end this world of lies and bring us to the truth to Olam Habah, please beg Him Am Yisroel.

    Why are you so indifferent how can you keep going to your parties and dancing with Gashmius when the whole world is in danger? How do you dare play stupid games with your Tzitzis hanging out of your pants to your knees and your Payos flying in the wind stupid games? Silly pastimes waste of time which is a cardinal sin in Yiddishkeit.

    How can you ladies you “Yiddishe Mamas” walk around with short tight skirts open necks and shaitels that look like and really are real hair? It makes you look un-married, you paint your faces which is absolutely forbidden and you sit in restaurants and show your gluttony, you go to Europe to Daven at graves of Tzaddikim to beg them to give you wealth.

    Hashem for years now has been making Am Yisroel ill, may we be spared. The hospitals are filled with Frum Yidden, Hashem Yishmor. People are dying in great numbers even though supposedly we are such Tzaddikim and give so much money for Chessed so why are so many people dying and why is the so called cure so torturous for so many? WHY?

    Don’t pat yourselves on the back and say they are dying to make a Kapporah for the generation it’s not true, they are dying in order to make you cry and make you beg Hashem to cure them!! But we bury the dead and forget the Tefillos and go about our business as usual.

    Don’t you see that the world is falling apart? Don’t you see that even the Goyim are speaking seriously about Armageddon – the end of the world? But you my dear Yidden are still up to your old tricks, you are still deeply interested in your money making and your Loshon Hora in your habits that are not quite kosher in your gluttony and in your desires, of course there are those who are still trying to live a life of truth but they are very few. So therefore my dear fellow Frum Yid please cry out to Hashem with tears. Do Teshuva on all your Avairos. List them one by one. Come back to the truth get rid of your excessive Gashmius. Crush the Egel HaZav into fine dust and throw it to the wind.

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