Williamsburg parents bring entire crib to brunch


Do you want to go out to a trendy brunch in Williamsburg yet still give your child the freedom to roam around? You can just do what this Williamsburg couple did at Rosarito Fish Shack. From DNA info:

They were further stunned when the couple asked if they could push the crib up to one of their sidewalk cafe tables and have their child hang out in it while they ate brunch.

“That certainly was a first,” said Rosarita’s daytime manager Susie Kenny. “We were laughing all day. It was a highlight.”

Kenny added that she wasn’t sure if the crib “passed fire code,” but didn’t want to turn the couple away after they had gone to the trouble of pushing it down street.

Wait so do they just stroll around Williamsburg with this thing in tow? I can’t wait to see them push the crib up to the stage during a show at Glasslands some night.

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  1. FreeBird says:

    At first, I was like “huh?” but the kid looks mighty comfortable and the crib does have wheels.. Different strokes for different folks!

  2. I HATE hipsters

  3. Ok so we finally go the City to repeal the arcane ban on Sunday morning sidewalk cafe’s so let’s give the City something else to go after. I bet this restaurant gets a citation now for breaking some code on how much space you can take up on the sidewalk.

  4. Dear hipsters,
    Hell Nah! it starts with pushing a crib so the kid is accommodated then its accommodating a brooding foot stomping disrespectful teen. Either teach the child it’s time to eat and we eat at a table or, if the child isn’t ready for that, stay home.
    -signed a mother of 5.

    • Eleanor says:

      I’m with you. Part of the process of bringing kids out to restaurants is teaching basic social conventions. Like sitting at a table, not throwing food, and keeping clothes on during meals. Signed, someone who raised two girls in the city.

      • QueenSaru says:

        Wait… we’re supposed to keep our clothes on at the table? I knew I was doing something wrong.

        On topic; my question is… did they push this bewheeled crib from home to the cafe? Did they stuff it in the back of their van? It looks pretty big.

        Are they worried about their kid making a break for it during brunch or something?

    • Stop enabling says:

      Well said Kelly and A. Lucas!!!

    • Hallelujah! Thank you. This is a gross inconsideration and an indulgence beyond what’s reasonable in an already cramped urban area.

    • Dear old hag, please eat your children and die.

      Thank you,

      Love hipsters.

  5. My guess is that it isn’t legal because it’s taking up a lot of sidewalk space. If it’s legal than seems like a good idea if you want to shlep your crib along for a meal but doesn’t seem too realistic for most. Maybe a better idea for a child to learn to sit at meals.

  6. They couldn’t get a sitter for snowflake??? I hope this does not start a trend…. the kid looks big enough to sit in a booster chair

  7. cameron grey says:

    yeah I’m sure nobody wanted to use that sidewalk anyway. What asshat parents. That kid is going to grow up thinking the whole world revolves around him.

  8. choodak says:

    Why can’t they Benedryl their kid and put him in a stroller like normal parents? ­čÖé

  9. Annoyed says:

    Cross and annoying. Self-absorbed and self-centered. I guess having space on the side walk for EVERYONE else who walks by or lives in the neighborhood is not important to these people, only they and their child are important. Learn how to get your kid to behave in a high chair or stay home or hire a babysitter for christ’s sake! I’m sure when the business had to go to the community board to get permission to have outside seating THIS was not discussed. I would of kicked these people and their crib to the curb. Really people like this are just so full of themselves and don’t care about anyone else at all.

    • Absolutely. I mean, LOOK at all the space they took up. It is sooooo horrible a child was allowed to stay contained outside next to her parents. And the sidewalk is soooooo small, how could anyone really even walk around their modification?

      Yes, please. I’m with Asshat. Please eat your children and die. Thanks.

  10. What awful selfish people. I hope they read this article and realize how ridiculous they are. If you can’t teach your kid to behave in a restaurant in a booster seat/high chair, then your kid is going to be a freaking nightmare when he gets older. I can’t imagine he’ll turn out well with these two insanely self absorbed parents.

  11. Mediahohoho says:

    Restaurant is at fault here. The word you were looking for when you didn’t want to inconvenience everyone passing by your (hopefully soon to be unpermitted) sidewalk space is, “No.”

  12. Hipster Killer says:

    The Hipsters… they are breeding. Concentrate them now.

  13. in disbelief says:

    I hope a dog peed on the crib

  14. Yes its a bit strange and it gave me a chuckle but what are the hurting? Come on people laugh at the strange decision but there is no need to be hateful its not the end of the world.

  15. J J Connelly says:

    Here’s an idea. Move! Go to a place where that kid can play in a back yard! Not only are you blocking the sidewalk,and inconveniencing passersby, you’re wrecking that kid’s childhood. Want to get your kid some “fresh air”? Move to a place where there is actual fresh air. You’re parents now. Act like it.

    • Emily Wiechers says:

      Oh come on, now the city is only for people who don’t have kids and should move to the suburbs. Or, are people with kids the only ones entitled to fresh air? How about finding something better to support than a ban against parents raising their kids in New York City?? Sounds realistic – good luck on that fight.

  16. Stephanie says:

    Obviously there is a reason they felt this worked for them. Who knows? There is a ton of possibilities. People that use leashes for their children etc. sometimes have a valid reason (i.e. a child with Autism that has behavioral challenges and no safety awareness etc.)

  17. What if someone in a wheelchair was trying to pass? Between the bike and the crib, they’d have a hard time.

  18. it looks like condo fucks, not hipsters. hipsters don’t go to rosarita.

  19. This world is long overdue for a cleansing population-reducing plague.

  20. This is why I live in Queens.

  21. At least they brought their child with them & didn’t leave him home alone in the crib. I would think it’s a lot of effort to push his crib out of the house & down the sidewalk for brunch but, hey, who am I to comment–I only raised two children & taught them how to sit @ a table with me.

  22. That kid will grow up to be Baby.

  23. Rugbybandit says:

    Who really cares? No one got hurt. There were plenty of times when my kid was that age that I would have loved a nice brunch and that kid is WAY more comfy than stuck in a stroller seat or high chair. The kid gets to play peacefully and the parents get their time. Hurts no one so long as there is room. It’s not like they are making the kid smoke. I’d just say next time bring a pack’n play than a crib… easier.

    • there’s rarely enough room in Brooklyn or NYC. The issue is that when this is indulged it risks becoming a habit, and like the over-sized strollers that are brought everywhere and trod upon tens of thousands waiting on line or crowded in subways and stores these self-involved non-pedestrian items become a hazard in the street.

  24. Cranky Fucker says:

    Holy hell. I do not like these people. But then I don’t like that overpriced crap restaurant either, so let them have their fun. They are very stupid and entitled to it. To bad their kid will be stupid too. Sorry kid, it’s your idiot parents fault.

  25. or they were taking the crib to give to a friend because they are sharing furniture. Not being rich, they don’t have servants to mind the children. So, they moved the crib and child lock stock and barrel. And if you were carrying a crib and a kid in this weather, you might also want to stop and pause and have a glass of water. But hey, why let facts get in the way of your hating?

  26. Grant Wilson says:

    Why hasn’t anyone touched on the fact that this is their childs crib! That should NEVER touch NYC streets. I take my shoes off as soon as I come inside because I don’t want that shit in my home.. I definitely wouldn’t want it on my kid’s crib!

  27. baba ganoosh says:

    I would have gone over and right in front of these asshats, dropped trou, hung my bunghole over the side of the crib and taken a big steamy crap in the playpen…

  28. Freddy Rossen says:

    Yeah I have seen these hipster parents before, sometimes they come to my quarter at UW and put their crib in all kind of places where normal people want to enjoy their freedom to walk. Once they put it right on top of the John lennon memorial, I mean for a whole afternoon, and this evil woman has also been seen snatching others mums’ toddlers and putting them in the crib

  29. I must have missed the part where they sprayed the other restaurant patrons with oven cleaner and then stole their wallets, because I don’t understand how this silly event could possibly merit all the ire in the comments section. Perhaps the parents are indeed jerks, but they’re nothing to the theatrical outrage I’m reading above. Stop rending your garments and step away from the computer, people.

    • thank you. i was just thinking that it may be rude, but maybe they just bought it off Craig’s list or something. It hardly seems like something anybody would do regularly. Also, hating on hipsters is so lazy and annoying.

    • I agree. I didn’t realize that a silly act created a national crisis and destroyed the youth of America. The comments here are a little scary.

  30. Enna Purtso says:

    Yeah and I saw then on the Lower east Side with TWO of these things in tow!! At night at a bar!

  31. it’s called a stroller… and failing that it’s called carrying your kid or walking it. if they hauled this stupid thing down the sidewalk it couldn’t have been for too far.

  32. Who eats brunch?

  33. Emily Wiechers says:

    Seriously, y’all just jealous that someone with kids is enjoying their brunch? Did their child throw food at you? Scream all during your meal? I bet you all have kids and try to stay in the city as long as you can – probably even so the same thing someday. Losers.

  34. Anna Shun says:

    It is obnoxious, and it is NOT cute. However, I wish more parents were more considerate of the people around them when they bring their kids out, and that includes things like preventing their kids from running around in public places like restaurants. I can’t really fault these parents…it’s a little hillbilly, but I see the logic.

  35. They could selected a table away form the bike rack !!!!

  36. Bk11211 says:

    these AREN’T hipsters, these ARE yuppies who live at the Edge and piggy backing on an area that took decades to make safe and enjoyable by artist, musicians and people who were tired of Manahattan rent. they are the people who make it harder for good workers at establishments to wake up in the morning so they have to deal with them. plus, most apartments in williamsburg are all walk ups with small doors, because it was traditionally a working class neighborhood. they obviously live in the new condos with big enough elevators to do something this stupid.

  37. Here’s how this plays out:

    First trendy restaurants will offer similar cribs for this purpose. Perhaps parents will share cribs or place them side by side, thereby providing social time for their kids (what good parents they are :/)

    Then, a crafty entrepreneur will see this as an opportunity to create more market more cribs that are more convenient for this purpose.

    Finally, either a child or a pedestrian will get “seriously injured” by one these trendy cribs, file a lawsuit against the restaurant and crib manufacturer,and put an end to this silliness thereby making way for the next round of silliness…

  38. Lady Kaka says:

    Excuse me while I use my “outdoor voice” to tell these parents, “No! No! NO!!!”

  39. Stupid a** hipsters with no clue

  40. Bklyngal4life says:

    So I guess a stroller is too much work

  41. i called the police, this kind of behavior destroys our hood,they say they will look at it, thx god

  42. If you do not see a problem with this then there is a good chance you are just as self-absorbed, selfish and inconsiderate as these people. I am not saying you are, just saying there is a chance. A good one.

  43. I’m opening a gastro-pub in East Williamsburg that will have crib seating for adults. No children allowed. Microbrew with nipples on the bottles. Chicken tongue with quinoa I.V. drip straight to a pacifier. Baby pig feet strung up on a mobile over each crib. Just climb in the crib, y’all. Baby Style. Coming Fall 2013.

  44. people like joshua is clearly not taking this issue serious

  45. HIPSTER TRASH. We need to cleanse ourselves of these people.

  46. I think it’s great that they brought the play yard for their child. I appreciate a parent thinking ” outside the Box” . This child will probably grow up loved, secure in them self and be very successful. The rest of you whiners and your children will whine all the way home !

  47. This would be fine in my book if they didn’t block the sidewalk as much as they did. If they were nice about it they would’ve found a way to be less in the way and still be the crazy parents they are. I really do hope, though, that a population-decimating event happens soon so there will be more sidewalk to share for the survivors. So happy we jar our food =)

  48. Ugh. Get over your superior selves, FFS. Talk about a tempest in a f**g teapot.

  49. Are you fucking kidding me? Take your shitty kid and go somewhere else. I do NOT want to be near your ridiculous child as it screams and throws things, leaks germs from its orifices and is overall an unpleasant creature to be around. Not to mention the entire waitstaff will be dedicated to your germ collector, while I am personally trying to enjoy myself on a day off from work. What is wrong with parents these days? Brunch, Bars and hip or fancy restaurants are a children NO ZONE.

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