Williamsburg Owns the "50 Best Blocks in Brooklyn" List, Food, Shopping, and Drinks All Show

The L Magazine’s just published its “50 Best Blocks in Brooklyn” list, and Williamsburg took the cake in a number of categories.

Here are the awards:

  • Best Block For Cheap Eats: Bedford Ave between N. 7th and N. 8th Streets
  • Best Block For Drinking: Bedford Ave between S. 2nd and S. 1st Streets
  • Best Block For Dive Bars: Metropolitan Ave between Union and Lorimer
  • Best Block For Classy Bars: Berry and North 9th Street
  • Best Block For Coffee: Berry Street between N. 5th and N. 6th Streets
  • Best Block for Old Media (although really wouldn’t call Vice ‘old media’): N. 10th Street between Berry and Wythe
  • Best Block For Vice: North 4th Street between Bedford and Driggs Aves
  • Best Block For Vintage Shopping: Grand Street between Bedford and Driggs Aves
  • Best Block For High-end Fashion: Grand Street between Kent Ave and Havemeyer Street
  • Best Block For Books: Bedford Avenue between N. 6th and N. 7th Streets
  • Best Block For Live Music: The City Block Encompassed by Kent, S. 1st and S. 2nd Streets
  • Best Block For Records: The City Block Encompassed By Manhattan, Green, Huron and Franklin (Greenpoint)
  • Best All-Purpose Block: North 6th between Berry and Wythe
  • Best Block For Home Furnishings: Wythe Ave between S. 1st and Grand Streets
  • Best Block for Halloween Decorations: Humboldt Street between Nassau and Driggs Aves (Greenpoint)
  • Check out the full list for descriptions why these blocks made the cut over the rest of the “competition,” if there was any.

    Also, we’d like to issue a quick intern request for someone go shoot along the HTML code for this post that includes Google Maps links to all these spots. Any takers?

    Update: Thanks to the anonymous intern who sent in the HTML — who’d like to remain anonymous, since she took the time to do this –for filling in those Google Maps links! You showed me today that despite all the partisan hellfire raining down on our faces day-in and day-out, and despite the terrible economy, and the two wars, and the crime, that there is still hope in America.


    1. why would the L magazine favor williamsburg, it makes no sense!

    2. why wouldn’t they just list individual businesses? it’s not like Berry and N 9th is the “classy bar district”

      same goes for all of these “blocks” you could prety much pinpoint a single business that made it “the best block.”

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