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Williamsburg has a new bookstore: McNally Jackson Books

There are approximately 5 bookstores in all of New York City, so we’re excited that Williamsburg is becoming a mecca for book readers. We already have Spoonbill & Sugartown and Book Thug Nation and we can now add McNally Jackson to the list. They opened over the weekend at 76 North 4th Street:

After more than a decade as an independent bookselling icon, McNally Jackson has finally made its way to Brooklyn. Over the weekend, their new shop quietly opened its doors in Williamsburg.

“We’re excited to see what evolves with the new staff, new space and new regulars,” said Sam MacLaughlin, who will run the Brooklyn operation.

Tucked into the brick facade of the Lewis Steel building, the nearly 4,000 sq. ft. space is home to roughly 35,000 titles, he guesstimated, though they’re still waiting on some books to come in.

The expansion store will retain some of the key elements of McNally Jackson’s Prince Street location, namely the grouping of literature by author’s nationality, a careful balance of depth and breadth in the offerings, and what MacLaughlin characterized as a “knowledgeable but unpretentious vibe.”

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