Williamsburg Multiplex Delayed


Williamsburg’s first new multiplex cinema has missed the summer season, and a premiere night is not in sight.

Months after the new Williamsburg Cinemas was slated to open, the moviehouse is sitting unfinished on the corner of Grand Street and Driggs Avenue as developers struggle to fit all of its seven viewing rooms into the corner lot.

“Fitting seven auditoriums on an 8,500-square-foot site is difficult,” said Robert McCall of Philadelphia-based JKR Partners, which is the architect on the project.

McCall said he is confident the theater will open before the lucrative holiday movie season, but wouldn’t pinpoint a date.

The Williamsburg Cinemas is owned by the same people who run the successful Cobble Hill Cinemas on Court Street between Butler and Douglass streets, and are expected to host the same mix of mainstream and indie films. It will be the first major moviehouse in the neighborhood.


  1. That quote from the architect just doesn’t make sense. How could they have started construction, and gotten as far as the outside walls, without already knowing where the walls are going for the 7 cinemas?

    Load bearing beams, electrical systems, bathrooms, etc..these are all supposed to be in the plans.

    They must have run out of money, or the bank is calling in the construction loan, or who knows.

  2. Williamsburg says:

    i’ll most likely be sticking with nighthawk cinema

    I either go to IMAX in Manhattan for big blockbusters or Nighthawk in Brooklyn for movies with a story worth watching, i avoid shitty multiplex’s like this with small screens and no flavor

  3. The new apartments across the street are pretty nice. How does one snag one of those?

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