Williamsburg man upset by ‘hipsters’ found guilty of making phony 911 complaints

spikehill53-year-old Williamsburg resident Louis Segna was found guilty of making phony 911 calls to complain about made up incidents happening around his apartment at North 7th and Bedford. He was found guilty for three calls, but was believed to have made over 400 complaints. Some of the calls were regarding noise levels and some calls were much more serious. From NY Times:

At other times, Mr. Segna reported what seemed like explosions in a subway tunnel and a person in a van with a pistol. When making the calls, he said he was using borrowed phones and once gave a fake name.

The police figured out who he was after a commander recognized his voice as belonging to someone who had attended meetings of the 94th Precinct community council

He specifically mentioned ‘hipsters’ as his source of anger according to his attorney:

“He has mentioned the word ‘hipsters’ to me,” Mr. Fowlkes said. “He gave me the impression that they were noisier than the previous population.”

A prosecutor, Linda Hristova, told jurors that Mr. Segna’s calls had endangered others. The call about the subway explosion, for instance, caused multiple fire trucks to run red lights as they raced to the scene, she said.

You can read more and listen to recordings of his calls at NY Times.


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