Williamsburg is the most dangerous place to publicly urinate in Manhattan or Brooklyn

1,181 citations were issued for public urination last year in Williamsburg leading all of Manhattan and Brooklyn. Compare that to the 166 in Fort Greene, or the 100 on the Upper East Side and you might want to think twice before letting it fly in the Burg this weekend. Up in Queens however, Elmhurst and Jackson Heights combine for a whopping 3,854 citations. If you love public urination and this Williamsburg news bummed you out, don’t worry you can find your safe zone with this interactive map Gothamist put together that shows citation numbers by precinct:



  1. Chris F says:

    Jackson Heights looks to be almost doubly as peed upon as Williamsburg…

  2. brooklynbanjo says:

    This pisses me off

  3. I’m gonna have to get more creative. Peeing outside is my “thing”. Thanks for the heads up

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