Williamsburg Has Its Own Sitcom

And it’s actually kind of hilarious, even though they mistakenly suggest that a hipster would drink a frat boy elixir like Coors. Check it out here. And if you missed their previous teaser, Hip or Dangerous, be sure to check that out here.


  1. monsignor mcgolrick says:

    Well I have to admit this is quite unfunny, considering I’ve totally come back from the grave to reclaim my Irish/Italian Catholic Community!

  2. entertaining. and somewhat true, sadly.

  3. Jackson says:

    Lame…what a bore. If this is comedy, shoot us all.

  4. Kubla Khan says:

    It IS funny but you have to start from the beginning and watch about 2-3 and you’ll be hooked. It’s certainly better than anything on regular TV. I’m a big fan.

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