Williamsburg has a ‘new’ sports bar

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I noticed a few articles about a new sports bar opening in Williamsburg called Roebling Sporting Club located at 225 North 8th. I was immediately intrigued as I am an avid sports fan who lives in the neighborhood. As it turned out they were remaking one of my favorite ‘burg standbys K&M into a sports bar. I got a little nervous about what it would become after reading this quote from one of the owners to Observer:

“I’m the new Williamsburg,” he boasted. “I’m the type of guy moving here. Those $3,000-to-$4,000 apartments? Those aren’t for hipsters. Those are for guys like me who like to watch sports at 6:30.”

Spoken like an Entourage character, I pictured the place being ripped to shreds and replaced with beer pong tables and filled with the fratty crowds that now form a line out the door of The Whiskey Brooklyn on weekends.

However, I stopped by and was happy to see the laid-back vibe appeared to be still firmly intact. In actuality every write-up should just be the six words “they put some TVs in K&M'”, because the place looks almost exactly the same as it was. A couple nice HD TVs are now behind the bar, and the projector displays sports instead of the old movies they used to show. No word yet if the occasional weekend dance parties that included Mark the dancing Hasidic Jew are still happening, but I sure hope so. On a side note I was inspired by the club and have started referring to my living room as a sporting club since I added an HD TV. The laid-back vibe also appears to still be firmly intact.


  1. well if he equates his personality with the cost of his apartment he must be cool!

  2. 4th Down on N4th or nothing.

  3. sultan slam says:

    sounds like a good place to take a dump in the urinal (noted)

  4. sultan slam says:
  5. abdullah says:

    what a c*nt

  6. Sports fan says:

    This place is a joke! Shame to see a place that had potential to be a cool sports bar and dance scene ruined by an incompetent, racist, sexually harassing, asshole. Knowing friends that have worked at both The Bedford, and K&M I can truly say I wish nothing but the worst for any project Sean Rawlinson is involved in.

  7. marc the dancing hasidic says:

    Sean Rawlinson does not pay his service staff at any of his places. They only work for tips. He doesn’t pay taxes or disability or anything on his staff. Maybe this is how he can afford his (apparently) super expensive apartment. I wish the staffs at his places would get together and sue him already. The Bedford really is a great place and would do much better without him.

  8. New Hire / bartender says:

    I’ve now worked with at the New Roebling Sporting Club (former K&M), and have never had issue with the managers. This is the service industry, a lot of joking and comments get tossed around often, and while the sense of humor might be dark, and dry, and wrong to some, others would understand a joke, and lighten up. I’m a woman. I think I’m attractive, and intelligent, and would be able to know the difference between sexual harassment, and a wicked sense of humor.

    We have also officially brought back the SATURDAY NIGHT DANCE PARTY. LATE NIGHT in Brooklyn is back 12 – 4 AM.
    We’ll be DANCING !

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