Williamsburg Cinemas To Open December 19

Hopefully it will actually happen this time. Via Gothamist:

After substantial delays, Williamsburg Cinemas will finally open one week from today, becoming the first new first-run multiplex in North Brooklyn since… anyone can remember. Owner Harvey Elgart, who also operates Cobble Hill Cinemas, tells us the city inspected his establishment yesterday and he’s been given the green light to open on December 19th…. Tickets will go on sale soon, we’re told, via Moviefone and the Williamsburg Cinemas website. Make sure you bring a helmet and elbow pads; Elgart promises us that the 7.1 Dolby Digital surround sound system in his new theater will “knock you out of your seat.”

Williamsburg Cinemas
217 Grand Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211

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