Williamsburg bartender who made $45,000 a year from Airbnb has account removed

airbnbWilliamsburg bartender Peter Chen has become a casualty in the war between NY Attorney General Eric Scheiderman and internet room renting service Airbnb. Schneiderman deemed 8 of Chen’s 38 listings in violation of the law that prohibits subletting an entire apartment for less than 30 days if the building has more than 2 apartments (ie. most of Airbnb) and his account has been deleted. His level of success with the service really speaks to the growing popularity of Williamsburg. He estimated that he was able to make $45,000 a year from Airbnb. From NY Mag:

His client list grew by word of mouth. “Friends wanted to list their places but didn’t want to start at the very beginning,” Chen says. “Because I already had a hundred reviews, it would be easier for me to just manage it.” He took 10 percent and they did the hosting themselves. In return, his friends got to piggyback onto his user profile, which was both friendly and personal: “I’ve met lots of really cool people from all around the world, each with a story to tell, he wrote. I always look forward in connecting with new people. Check in with me as a guest, but we’ll always part with a new friendship.” He racked up more than 300 reviews, most of them glowing (“very considerate and helpful”; “accommodating and on top of everything”; “It’s not easy to find someone like him”).

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  1. Moses Kestenbaum ODA says:

    Without Airbnb this city is fcked .
    How is it that when stuff seems to be going well, the city fathers always stick their running noses and fckng up stuff? Deblazio is an Asshole . Quit as mayor of NYC , I have a job for you shining shoes , and if you have a hard time bending over your ass when shinning shoes I have also a toilet attending job for you at the local pole dancing girl joint . Feel like telling into his face FCK Yu

    • Totally agree on the importance of airbnb – but you realize the fight against it is coming mostly from the State and not the City – right? You also realize that this has been going on much longer than de Blasio has been mayor – right? You should probably direct your anger towards the source of this fight – the Hotel lobby – instead of the mayor that inherited this mess.

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