Why Zebulon Closed


Via Brooklyn Paper:
Joce Soubiran, one of the owners of Zebulon, said he shut down the popular Wythe Avenue club because new residents complained too much about the performance space.

“The people around us don’t want us,” said Soubiran. “Why would you move next to a music place if you don’t want music? The people around here want to tell us how to run our business.”

…as the venue earned praise from music heads, it got bombarded with noise complaints, particularly in the past two years, said Soubiran. On Halloween, authorities issued the bar a total of seven tickets for noise violations and allowing revelers to gather on the street.

Soubiran said it’s not worth the hassle to better soundproof the club or ask bands to keep it down because that would compromise the club’s authenticity. He said he and the other owners might consider opening up in a different neighborhood — maybe Bushwick — at a later time.

“We are very tired and we need a break,” he said.

When asked what he will do when the squares move to Bushwick, Soubiran said he hopes to be retired.

Kinda reminds us of the people who moved next to the chicken slaughterhouse in Greenpoint. If you don’t like being in a festive neighborhood that can be loud at times, then why move there?


  1. This is terrible news. And I really wish someone would attempt to answer the question asked in the article, why did they move to that neighborhood in the first place? The fact that they are utterly and completely fucking clueless will no longer suffice.

  2. JonJonSquared says:

    Sad, but after that condo to the right of Zebulon was built (the one with the odd vertical wood slats) it was only a matter of time.

    The club will be missed.

  3. that’s it my friends ,rich people move in ,i heard they now someone the NYPD and the rest is history ,many tickets ,cops using overpower and you have to go ,but don’t worry ,Zebulon will come bigger and better ,and all your fucking condos they look like plastic containers and you pay hundreds for that crap jajajajaja looser !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I moved to and love WBurg for all the music and specifically venues like Zebulon that mix things up and provide an outlet for experimental. nThis is truly disheartening that the neighborhood is being dismantled piece by piece. Gem by gem.

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