Why Isn’t the G Train Running?

It doesn’t even travel beneath the East River. Granted, the G does travel beneath that cesspool known as Newton Creek but that’s at the end of the line. Evidently, the MTA thinks no one is riding:

An MTA spokesman just provided the following explanation for why the MTA has yet to be able to provide at least partial service along the L and G lines within Brooklyn where the tracks are not flooded:

“The answer on the L is that it’s impossible to turn trains around easily mid-route for a Brooklyn shuttle service,” Mr. Lisberg wrote in an email. “Very difficult to set up because of the track layout. They may try now that other lines are getting better service, but that’s just a discussion at this point. As for the G, enough of it is parallel to other lines—plus the naturally low ridership.

Thanks MTA. For a train that no one rides, it sure seemed crowded last time we were on it over a week ago.


  1. Parallel to other lines? I don’t think he understand what parallel means or there’s another north-south Brooklyn train I don’t know about.

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