Where do New Yorkers most experience ‘Missed Connections’ ?

The place where New Yorkers most often have Craigslist ‘Missed Connections’ is the subway of course! I’ll even venture a guess that they happen on the L train more than any other line. Thanks to a study Dorothy Gambrell put together for Psychology Today we have a fascinating overview of national Craigslist habits. While we know New Yorkers ‘miss’ each other on the subway, what about the rest of America? How about gas stations in Colorado, 24-Hour Fitness in California, driving your car in Georgia, and McDonald’s in Kansas. For a whopping 15 states the answer is Walmart (Sigh). What’s bad news for straight dudes is 59% of searches are men looking for women, while only 13% of searches are women looking for men. But hey, that basically sums up the Internet/life right?


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