What’s moving in to the old 3rd Ward building?

3rd Ward, the East Williamsburg co-working space/artists’ collective/amorphous “art thing” closed its doors at 195 Morgan Ave. on October 9, 2013.

Recently, ads like this have been popping up on Reddit: “Former Third Ward Space Available for Lease 195 Morgan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237 – 10,000 SF – Rental Rate Negotiable.”

Out of curiosity we contacted the broker, NSNRYE, and it turns out that the space has already been rented. So, what’s going to replace the 3rd Ward? According to a spokesperson, “an internet company” will be doing “something really cool in the space.”

But what? We needed to know, so we pressed for details:

What I can tell you is this: The spirit of community, learning and fun remains strong at 195 Morgan Avenue; as does the excitement around technology, sustainability and freedom of ideas. It is our intent to find original companies to nurture an environment of synergy and affiliation with the world of arts, business and technology. We believe we’ve found the perfect partner to do so.

So, it’s going to be an internet company/community/learning, fun, and free ideas space that encourages excitement about technology and sustainability and is affiliated with the world of arts, business, and technology. No company ever, in other words.

195 Morgan is going to remain empty forever. You heard it here first.

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