What songs reference Williamsburg and Greenpoint?

williamsburgmusicConstantine Valhoui has created the NYC Music Map. It is a Google Map with geographical pins placed on over 200 references to the NYC area. So what songs did he find for Williamsburg/Greenpoint?

CocoRosie – South 2nd
The Besnard Lakes – Bedford and Grand
Paris Streets – Bedford Avenue
Justice of the Unicorns – McCarren Pool
Fleshtones – Destination Greenpoint USA
Nellie McKay – Manhattan Avenue

All of the songs he’s listed so far only seem to reference Williamsburg/Greenpoint in the titles of the songs. If we dig a little deeper there has to be a lot more. I can think of Say Hi’s Pop Music Of The Future off the top of my head with the lyrics “She’s got a loft space, takes the L train to Bedford. Runs with some cool kids that are actors but dress like nerds.”

What other songs can you guys name? Leave them in the comments and I’ll send Constantine a list to add to his map.

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  1. Calyer.

  2. Matt & Kim – Daylight —> Grand St.

  3. The Motorcycle Industry – Ten Eyck Street

  4. Pretty shocking that this one didn’t make the list: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZwGhPnsCjDg

  5. Alcoholic Faith Mission has an Album called 421 Wythe Avenue


  6. This old Grizzly Bear remix mentions Williamsburg, “…From Shibuya to Williamsburg…” around the two minute mark.

  7. Ninjasonik’s Daylight remix is entirely about Williamsburg. Although most places they rap about have closed.

  8. Mishka Shubaly’s “Death in Greenpoint”

  9. Nissan, Honda, Chevy (Remix)
    Joell Ortiz


    That it’s cool, I’m no fool, see Raul is more than reckless
    So I meet him when it’s busy at that Meeker/Morgan exit

  10. Wershoven says:

    Marah – The Closer

  11. Soul Coughing, City of Motors

  12. The Say So’s – Greenpoint

  13. Mathieson says:

    Pretty much this entire album – Eleanor Friedberger from The Fiery Furnaces, who got their start at Enid’s in Greenpoint.

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