What I Learned About Living In Williamsburg From Last Night’s 2 Broke Girls

I’ve spent years living in North Brooklyn but I really didn’t know anything about it until I was able to see how it was portrayed by 2 Broke Girls, a hackneyed, LA-filmed sitcom created by the “brain” behind Sex and the City and the “brain” behind Whitney. This column will keep track of all the knowledge dropped and questions answered, like: Why do hipsters wear knit hats? Because of Coldplay…of course (seriously, this was one of the first jokes of the series).

This week I learned…

Nothing But Lawyer Jokes

Can you believe it’s finally back? Yes? Good because it’s a very easy thing to believe, even with it being off the air for three weeks. You know what they say, time drags when you’re dreading the return of the show. Seriously, dread. Judge Dredd judged me to be dreading the judgment day that is this show’s return. If only I had a good lawyer.

Speaking of lawyers, this episode was all about them (transition transitioned). It starts with the blonde broke girl’s lawyer showing up at the diner, who she hugs because she wants to remember her life as a spoiled girl gallivanting around the Upper East hugging lawyers. The lawyer, who is a walking Borscht Belt punchline, informs the blonde girl that he has acid reflux and that she needs to give a deposition because something, something, boring, something. Sadly (well, sadly if anyone cared) lawyers be expensive – lawyers BEEEEEE expensive – and the show is not called 2 Can Afford Lawyers Whenever Girls. Good thing participating in a drug trial is a stock sitcom premise because lawyers won’t accept cupcakes as payment anymore.

At this point I imagine you, the savvy reader, can figure out the rest of the episode. They take drugs with possible side effects, some jokes about anal leakage – laugh laugh, then when she tries to give her deposition, she can’t because her tongue has swollen. What is scary about 2 Broke Girls, is that instead of getting legitimately better, they’ve gotten better at being predictable.

Oddly enough, the vehicle for most of the episodes easy jokes was very good, very respected comedian Morgan Murphy. She is normally a writer on the show but this episode got to play someone who pees a lot. PEES A LOT. Are you getting this people? Is this thing on? Here is a clip of Murphy being funny because someone should be.

[What I learned from last week’s episode]

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