I’ve spent years living in North Brooklyn but I really didn’t know anything about it until I was able to see how it was portrayed by 2 Broke Girls, a hackneyed, LA-filmed sitcom created by the “brain” behind Sex and the City and the “brain” behind Whitney. This column will keep track of all the knowledge dropped and questions answered, like: Why do hipsters wear knit hats? Because of Coldplay…of course (seriously, this was one of the first jokes of the series).

This week I learned…

None of Us Has Ever Filed Their Taxes

Duck season!  Rabbit season! Duck season!  Rabbit season! Duck season!  Rabbit season! Duck season!  Rabbit season! Duck season!  Rabbit season! Duck season!  Rabbit season! TAX SEASON!!!!! Oh, so it’s tax time in 2 Broke Girl’s Williamsburg, like it is in the real Williamsburg. The only difference is people say things like this:

“There were onions in my street meat. Listen to me, ‘Onions in my street meat.’ Last year I was taking meetings on Wall Street – this year I’m eat meat, from the street, by a wall.”

Nope. Look I’m all for plays on words but nope.
So after the blond one says that joke, which is and was the worst joke, she goes on shopping spree but with no shopping and a lot more doing the other characters’ taxes. See she got a degree in finance so she says that makes her an expert with people’s finances, which is not what that means – she is a liar.

Despite her lying, she still looks down upon the Kat Dennings broke girl for having never done her tax, ever. So she agrees to do KD’s taxes but it doesn’t go well because it’s a sitcom. They get into a fight and then they go to a hipster tax place call the Tax of Life, which is a funny name for a tax place. I joke about the accuracy of the show all the time but this they really nailed. All my friends have a “tax bro” that helps write off their weed costs. No one uses TurboTax or their family’s accountants – psh – family accountants are so OVER.

Then they jump in a dumpster. It might seem like a drastic turn of events but seriously, I can’t believe they haven’t done it before. Looking for something in a dumpster is Sitcom 101 – a class 2 Broke Girls is seemingly still taking. Then there’s more fighting about being a poor broke girl and a formerly rich broke girl – basically the same argument they’ve had for the other twenty episodes.

Yada yada blah blah – there is a happy ending at the post office. Everyone did their taxes and hugged and yay. In all seriousness, it was a pretty solid episode. Taxes are exactly the type of issue the show should be focusing on. Also, the episode featured my favorite joke of the season. When comparing the blond one’s neat purse with Kat Dennings messy one, Katty Denns goes, “Also known as, OCD versus Oh, here’s a CD I forgot I had.” As I said, I’m all for plays on words and that one gets two broke thumbs up.

[What I learned from last week’s episode]


  1. names? where we're going we dont use names. says:

    I thoroughly enjoy these. Could you perhaps however make the writing a wee bit more dry? I don’t think your disdain for the show is coming across. Sarcasm. Superflow.

    Have you asked yourself, after watching so many broke girls episodes that maybe its grown on you. Have you asked yourself that?

    Or are you too afraid.

    I hate this show.

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