I’ve spent years living in North Brooklyn but I really didn’t know anything about it until I was able to see how it was portrayed by 2 Broke Girls, a hackneyed, LA-filmed sitcom created by the “brain” behind Sex and the City and the “brain” behind Whitney. This column will keep track of all the knowledge dropped and questions answered, like: Why do hipsters wear knit hats? Because of Coldplay…of course (seriously, this was one of the first jokes of the series).

This week I learned…

Williamsburg Has Hasidic Jews

Last week there was a big revelation that rich, successful, Jewish doctors now live in Williamsburg and every character’s face exploded. This week, faces sadly restored, there is a new breakthrough, there are other Jews in Williamsburg as well, really Jewish one’s at that.

The broke gals are sick and decide to go to a doctor. The clinic must be south of Broadway, as it’s completely Hasidic. Of course, the blond broke girl tells the Kat Dennings broke girl that she had lots of Jewish friends growing up. It allowed her to say a bunch of silly Yiddish phrases that had the audience presumably laughing their yarmulke-less heads off. Yada yada this leads to them getting a job making cupcakes for a Bar Mitzvah.

There is a nice moment when the Jewish receptionist acknowledges the undeniable Jewishness of the Kat Dennings broke girl’s hair, complexion, and boobs. It actually leads to a really sweet arc, in which KD acknowledges that her dad could have been a Jew and the Orthodox family fully embraces her. For a show so derided for its use of stereotypes, it was a joy to see one executed without cynicism. I know boring, AHHHHHH, sorry.

Don’t worry, there were plenty of cringe-worthy scenes with a jive talking Bar Mitzvah boy and his breakdancing friend. I hated every second of each.

First the Polish, now the Hasidim, the show seems to be picking off Williamsburg demographics one by one. What’s next Dominicans? Puerto Ricans? Fried chickens?

[What I learned from last week’s episode]


  1. whats infectian that hippsters have with real new yorkers, meaning new yorker, ethnic groups who built this country “italian, jews, portorican” where are you people from, where its all black and white, what hole did you protencious assholes come from..

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