What are the three oldest restaurants in Williamsburg?

petersWhile much of the recent focus on Williamsburg relates to the constant influx of new people, new buildings, and new restaurants let’s not forget three of the oldest establishments in all of New York City are still here.

3. Bamontes – 1900

Near the luxury boom on Union Avenue the classic Italian restaurant Bamonte’s has been in operation on Withers St. since 1900. Founded by Pasquale Bamonte, the restaurant is now run by his grandson Anthony who has kept the look and traditions true to its history. Hey it’s even the place Gerry got wacked on The Sopranos:

2. Teddy’s – 1889

Teddy’s on 96 Berry Street opened in 1889 as Peter Doelger’s Extra Beer, a franchise to sell Doelger’s local brew. The name Teddy’s was added when Teddy Prusik purchased the joint in the 1980’s. While Doelger’s beer no longer exists the stained glass sign still remains. Fun fact: Doelger’s granddaughter was none other than Mae West.

1. – Peter Luger’s – 1887

Peter Luger’s iconic steak house has resided in Williamsburg since it was opened by Carl Luger in 1887 as a restaurant and bowling alley. Luger’s son Peter eventually took over the restaurant from his father and named it after himself. In 1950 Peter’s son put the restaurant up for auction where it was luckily purchased by a dedicated regular customer named Sol Forman who made many improvements to the space along with his wife. Luger’s is now run by Forman’s daughters Amy Rubenstein and Elissa Cullman who continue the legendary steak tradition.

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  1. No Spam says:

    This post about “oldest restaurants” is a little undercooked. How about a top five or top ten to give a better sample size?

  2. Nice to see Teddys featured. WE have tons of great photos if you would like to see the beautiful facade from outside, let me know and I will send you some. BTW we are on the corner of N8th Street and Berry.

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