Weekend Movie Screenings: 7/25-7/27

mad-max-vault-dwellerPut on your fedoras, grab your gimp suits, and fire up that DeLorean to 88 to prepare for this weekend’s midnight movies. You can head over to Nitehawk Cinema, grab a drink, and choose between Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior and Dead Man.  Or don’t choose, they’re both playing on Friday and Saturday. 1995’s Dead Man starring Johnny Depp is technically a Western, but saying that it’s a Jim Jarmusch film is a much more helpful descriptor. The film is great and a nice reminder of what Johnny Depp was pre-Pirates, but as it’s playing as part of Nitehawk’s Summer of Surrealism series, be aware that you’re in for restless sleep and probably some weird dreams after. Or you can head over to Road Warrior, part of their July Brunch & Midnite: Burn N’ Rubber series, to see the greatest car movie ever made on the big screen. Plus, you can witness Lord Humungus’s fabulous fashion sense as it was meant to be seen.

Sticking with the 80s theme, IFC Center’s midnight movies are Back to the Future Part II and Raiders of the Lost Ark, both playing on Friday and Saturday as part of their Waverly Midnights series.  And if you weren’t already upset about not being able to see all of these, I hate to break it to you because Sunshine Cinema is playing Pulp Fiction to celebrate its 25th Anniversary. It’s Bruce Willis with a samurai sword, enough said.

If you’re like me and just hearing the phrase “midnight movie” makes you tired though, there are plenty of other choices for you. Museum of the Moving Image is playing Once Upon a Time in Vietnam on Friday night at 7:00, so you can kick off your weekend with the first action-fantasy epic ever made in Vietnam.  It will probably be your only chance to see this one in theaters, so be sure to check it out. They’re also showing Muppets Take Manhattan on Saturday afternoon at 1:00 as part of their ongoing Jim Henson’s World series.

If you want to grab some sun and also see a movie, head over to South Street Seaport for their screening of Men in Black 3. It’s free and outdoors so head over for the screening on Saturday night at 8:00, but be sure to head over early to secure a spot. Closing out the weekend is Videology, who is hosting another Star Trek Sunday from noon to 7:00 on Sunday.  Let’s be honest, you were probably going to sit around and marathon something on Netflix anyway, so you might as well be social about it.

By Noelle Webster

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