Weekend Happenings:

To Do:
It’s A Wonderful Next Life: A Drag City Christmas party
Featuring Joanna Newsom (pictured), smog, and Weird War
Bowery Ballroom, Saturday Dec. 18, $15
Rising folkie Joanna Newsom’s child-like vocals will either drive you nuts or inspire you, but seeing Weird War’s Ian Svenonius (formerly of the Make-Up and Nation of Ulysses) strut his stuff is always worth the trip.
dress code: A sweater with a knit cap or scarf please

To Avoid (God, this sounds annoying):
2004 Unsilent Night (the Christmas Piece)
From the event’s site:
“Every year since 1992 I’ve presented Unsilent Night, an outdoor ambient music piece for an INFINITE number of boom box tape players. It’s like a Christmas carolling party except that we don’t sing, but rather carry boom boxes, each playing a separate tape which is part of the piece. In effect, we become a city block long stereo system!
In 2004 the piece will happen on Saturday December 18th. We will meet at the Arch in Washington Square at 6:45 pm, begin at 7 pm and proceed eastward to Tompkins Square Park, where the piece will end around 8 o’clock.
It would be really cool if you could join us and bring a boom box. The more tapes we run, the bigger and more amazing the sound will be. This past Christmas we had 100 boomboxes and over 500 people total, it was really spectacular… If you’d like to do it, please email me at [email protected] so I will know how many tapes to make. If you’d like to do it but don’t have a boombox, I have several dozen and you can grab one…and if you want to come and just listen, that’s cool, too. Help us make a BIG (and joyful) noise.”


  1. actually, not so bad. we need more of this sort of happening. more street disturbances for art.
    i did this event one year, with a parade of santas who later showed-up at rubulad where there was a kissing-fest going-on that was made into a movie.
    a stunning night.
    i showed-up with a boombox feeling silly and skeptical and had an experience that I continually like to recall.

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