Wednesday: Free Screening of Work by Noelia Santos

Tomorrow, the Filmwax Film Series is featuring new work by local filmmaker Noelia Santos:

Filmmaker Noelia Santos presents two of her short films and a work-in-progress. Her work blends narrative storytelling with nonfiction approaches and a highly cinematic visual sense. In ”Triptych,” three women in transition are portrayed against the backdrop of a teeming metropolis. Though they don’t know each other, the characters’ intersecting paths form a larger storyline of emotional growth and cyclic experience within the city – itself a figure of constant change and renewal. In ‘Focus,’ a photographer works alone in her studio, struggling with an idea for a new project. Her wanderings through the lively city streets fuel her search for inspiration. When she finally discards her original idea, new connections in the work compel her to find the “missing image” out in the world.

More information here.

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