Waterfront Shows weren’t, but now are happening again

Welp, we already knew that the Jelly parties were not returning to the Waterfront this summer. But yesterday the internet was blowing up trying to determine the fate of East River State Park concerts as a whole. Two nights ago at a community board meeting, a consensus was reached that the community does not want the concerts in their hood. According to Brooklyn 365:

What came up was the waterfront concert series held at the Williamsburg Waterfront / East River State Park and the cluster-fuck it causes every Saturday and Sunday. The throngs of people ebbing and flowing and the VERY loud music being pumped through the sound stage were the biggest issue and as such, the board voted to ban the waterfront concert series at East River State Park (Williamsburg Waterfront).

But apparently, according to the Open Space Alliance, the organization putting on the shows at the Waterferont, there will still be events held at the location. This summer will see 10 ticketed and five free concerts at the park, all yet to be announced, but definitely not Jelly’s Pool Parties.

I am exhausted by this back and forth. And in addition to the waterfront shows, there is also that new 5,000-person show space being worked on at McCarren Park, where Beirut will be playing for Northside Festival in June. For more info on that, head over to BrooklynVegan.


  1. So happy they are not doing concerts. MaKES my trips to Duanne Reade so much easier without all those smelly kids crowding the street and those pesky bikes locked up everywhere.

  2. Andrew Muchmore says:

    Everyone needs to be at the meeting at Community Board 1 on May 5 at 6:30 p.m. Not only is this issue likely to come up again, but they’re voting for a moratorium on all new liquor licenses in Williamsburg and Greenpoint. The people at CB1 are much older and more conservative than the demographic that makes up these neighborhoods, but because young people don’t show up, our rights get trampled on. If you don’t want your neighborhood turned into a soulless suburbia, you need to come to CB1 at 435 Graham Avenue on May 5 at 6:30., bring your friends, and speak up!

  3. Roger Clemveilet says:

    Money runs Williamsburg now. Goodbye children. Bye Bye Bye.

  4. Janine Wooten says:

    What a beautiful venue. I had the privelege of attending a Keane concert there last year. The best venue ever!

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