Watch a short documentary about a Williamsburg pizza delivery man

bestpizzaIf you haven’t already seen it, check out this excellent short documentary about a 52-year-old Williamsburg pizza delivery man named Bill. Bill delivers for Best Pizza on Havermeyer St. and you may recognize him from his many fixie travels around the neighborhood. The film was created by No Weather Productions. Watch below:

If you want more Bill there is another short documentary that was done last year by Eater.

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  1. Pauline says:

    Great story, have these guys made any other films?

  2. Met Bill tonight, he’s no longer with Best Pizza but some other pizza joint, the crepe place on Manhattan Ave in Greenpoint and occasionally for Champs Junior, also Manhattan Ave, where I met him. Super nice dude. Tip him well.

  3. He’s at Brickhouse Pizza on Bedford and S4th. We follow each other on Instagram and we always give each other the nod or a wave when we cross paths riding bikes.

  4. Alos, love his Continuum Cycles (RIP) frame.

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