Want to give massages at a creepy card game in Williamsburg?

Betabeat discovered a Craigslist ad looking for a “hostess/masseuse” for a private card club that probably doesn’t include Matt Damon, but might be attended by Patrick Bateman wearing a beanie. From the ad:

Im looking for a female, age 18-25, for a Hostess/Masseuse position 1-4 nights at a private card club in Williamsburg Brooklyn. The players are mostly men in their 20s and 30s, its a very nice crowd of lawyers, media/tech people, advertising guys, and a mix of other professions – it is an upscale crowd but the atmosphere is very relaxed and friendly.

You will have to make and serve coffee and other drinks, snacks, order food for delivery, and help clean up around the club, but there is a lot of downtime too and overall the job is very easy and stress free.

There is a base starting pay of $5/per hours, plus tips, and you also earn $1/minute for back massage for the players while they play cards. The game is at night starting anywhere from 8:30-10pm and you should be prepared to stay until 1:30 or 2am, although the game may go later you dont have to stay until the end. Your pay will average between $100-200 or more (cash in hand) depending on the night and how good you are at massage.

Please contact me with your full name, phone number, and a photo of yourself.

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