Want a taste of Frankenfood?

Photo courtesy of RoamingHunger.com

Photo courtesy of RoamingHunger.com

Around Bedford Ave, “frankenfood” is typically used to describe over processed products of the evil American agribusiness. But this week, it has another meaning. A food truck, promoting a new Spike TV show, is parking around Manhattan passing out snacks possibly conceptualized by drunk college frat boys. I stopped by today in the Financial District and tasted the fried slim-jim mac-n-cheese ball (tasty) and the bacon wrapped hot dog éclair (not so tasty).

Get your own taste of weird this week by following the truck here:

  • Wednesday 11am-12:30pm: Group M; 498 7th Ave at 37th Street
  • Wednesday 2p-4p; UM; 100 W. 33rd Street
  • Thursday 11am – 12:30pm: Viacom Tasting; 345 Hudson St
  • Thursday 2pm – 4pm: Horizon; 75 Varick Street
  • Friday 11am – 12:30pm: MEC; 825 7th Ave.
  • Friday 2pm- 4pm: Zenith; 299 W. Houston St.

On the menu:


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