Waffles, Whiskey, + Grilled Cheese: Waffle & Wolf & Noorman’s Kil

Waffle & Wolf

This week’s new openings bring you waffles, whiskey, and grilled cheese!

Waffle & Wolf was opened by Arman Sen and Daniel Richardson who said that they felt there was a void of “quick, to-go food in the neighborhood”.  Arman Sen, originally from Turkey wanted to bring the popular Turkish hand-held waffles to Brooklyn, partnered with Daniel Richardson who formerly worked at DuMont and is a pastry chef. They came together to create the perfect offering: both waffles with dessert toppings (our favorite: is the Almond Waffle with honey whipped cream and strawberries), or filling savory ingredients (we like the tuna salad with grapes, tomato, walnuts, and parsley) that could be eaten as a meal. Waffle & Wolf also serves coffee from Dallis Bros. Check out the full listing here:
413 Graham Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11211

Noorman's Kil

If you’re in the mood for whiskey and grilled cheese, Noorman’s Kil is the place to go. NY Mag has the full scoop below. Here’s the full listing: http://www.freewilliamsburg.com/listings/noorman’s-kil

“Whiskey for Williamsburg is nothing new, but at Noorman’s Kil, opening Wednesday, the focus won’t be the usual Maker’s Mark drunk by bearded dudes in the ‘burg, but rather more obscure brands like Old Potrero and Springbank, plus Scotches. “We wanted to kind of educate a younger generation of whiskey drinkers. There’s that weird stigma that it’s all Park Avenue guys with suits,” says Marcel Simoneau, one of the four young co-owners of the Grand Street spot. As for pairing this with grilled cheese, well, “Those are the two things we really like,” Simoneau explains.

But don’t worry if hard-core whiskies aren’t quite your bag. There’ll be regular tastings during the week for seasoning the taste buds, plus twelve beers on tap and a rotating lineup of three whites and three reds. The partners built out the 174-person space themselves, lugging the 1880s bar down from Amish Country, and freshening up the backyard with grapevines and benches*. Bread for sandwiches like the Jane — made with sourdough, New York sharp Cheddar, and My Friend’s Mustard — comes from Orwasher’s and Grandaisy, and cheese from Murray’s. Expect whiskey and grilled cheese pairings once things get rolling.


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