Violence Continues At The McCarren Park Pool

A Walk In The Park

On Sunday we told you about how the McCarren Park Pool was off to a rocky start, including an incident in which teens attacked a lifeguard who told them not to do backflips. Well it looks like that was only the beginning. Another fight went down yesterday and this time the NYPD was called in and two officers were sent to the hospital.

According to Gothamist, police responded to a call around 5:15 p.m because of another dispute between lifeguards and bathers over doing backflips. A brawl ensued and one officer got punched in the face and another injured his/her wrist.

Sources speculate that the M8-13 MS-13 gang may have been involved. The police arrested three people and charged them with assaulting an officer, disorderly conduct, and inciting to riot. According to city parks blog A Walk In The Park, there are just two police officers per shift for 1,500 swimmers. Four lockers were also broken into on Monday and at least one woman’s purse was stolen.

People, please follow the rules and be nice to the lifeguards. Or maybe just avoid the pool all together.


  1. I was at the Greenpoint police precinct on Friday evening filing a report after someone stole my identity to charge $$$ to a JC Pennys account opened in my name. Anyhow, during the filing of said report a few cops came back from the pool and they were talking about the first fight that happened on Day 2 of the pool being open. I guess the mayor’s office had called wanting to know what was going on because some people had tweeted about the incident and subsequent pool closing. The general consensus from the cops was this – the pool opening was a mistake and that there are going to be plenty of fights and disturbances coming from McCarren Pool. Looks like the cops were right.

  2. M8-13 or MS-13?

  3. Williamsburg says:

    i went to this pool a few years ago before the renovation and there were lines around the block for the free concerts on Sundays and also good turnouts for the pay concerts on Saturdays (MIA, Beastie Boys, Armin van Buuren etc.)
    Acoustics were pretty bad, but large, happy crowds and a good time had by many
    For me these concerts were a great addition to the neighborhood –
    I’m not sure yet i can say the same for the new swimming pool, fingers are crossed that it works out somehow

    The city has spent 50 million to turn it back into a swimming pool and this starts happening … hopefully this does not turn out to be 50 million dollar mistake

  4. KE_KE_KE says:

    @Williamsburg Unfortunately I think it may be the latter.

  5. Darnell says:

    Protect the $50 Million investment, and put more cops on the scene.
    Money well spent.

    • NYC taxpayer says:

      Money well spent – not! The ghetto animals have already taken over. Families, oldsters, hipsters will know to stay away. Gangs scout locker areas, guns are next.

  6. JonJonSquared says:

    The pool should have been renovated in step with what the neighborhood has become.
    Forget having a place to swim. Drain the pool and do this:
    1. Free concerts all summer. (There was never a fight with 2000 hipsters drinking beer.)
    2) Spring/Fall turn it into an outdoor sculpture garden/science museum for kids and artists, like the ‘exploratorium’ thing at the Queens Science Museum.
    3) Show movies at night – artsy stuff – let the Nitehawk curate it, and some kids movies also, of course.
    4) Make the indoor spaces rentable by community groups, hourly dance/theater/music rehearsals, give free art & music classes to kids…
    5) In the winter, an ice-rink, and charge a decent admission just like Central Park.

    The $50 million dollars would be recouped in a few years.

    All of those ‘old-timers’ were exactly right about the reopening.

  7. The Old Timers knew more than the idiot Hipsters and Bloomberger….you must start charging a significant entrance fee to repel the parasitic trash if the project is to last.

  8. The pool seems like a great place for very different people to enjoy a public space together. Let’s not let criminals ruin it for everyone.

    Maybe the pool is a good chance for having a place that isn’t only 2000 hipsters drinking beer. There are a lot of places like that all over brooklyn. Maybe the pool is a good chance to see different people com together in the same spot. Which is what the neighborhood needs.
    If the pool became an artsy space, it would be a lost opportunity.

    And saying “avoid the pool altogether”, is the same thing as people saying “avoid williamsburg” or “avoid bushwick” when they were more dangerous areas. New places are not perfect right away.

    More police. And more patience.

  9. Greenpointer says:

    Just charge a good amount to eliminate the rif raf!

  10. Unfortunately when something is free, it atracts a certain socio-economic crowd. If you need to live a Flatbush experience in the trendy Williamsburg you are free to go. It is a shame what happened just in a couple of days to such a great idea the city had planned. Sorry but perhaps a background check at the entrance is necessary. I know… utopic and against liberty and democracy;(( Those arrested folks should never allowed in enter any City Park facility. Period

  11. TuffTonyfromtheDocks says:

    Charge admission. Nothing is free. City owned golf courses charge a greens fee. F*ck those ghetto skumbags.

  12. Dirtynutz says:

    Welcome to the real Brooklyn Muthafuckas

    • gangsta 11211 says:

      The welfare culture is back in brooklyn! Can’t wait for bloomy and kelly to blow town. No more stop-n-frisk, gangbangers will rule from greenpoint to sheepshead bay!

  13. How come there is always some douche like you who feels the need to leave a comment?

  14. Steve B. says:

    Not for nothing, but this is pretty much what happens at all public pools in Brooklyn. They’re douchebag magnets. Which is pretty much why I haven’t been to one since I was nine.

  15. Steve B. says:

    Pretty much (OCD)

  16. because of idiots like those is why all that stuff happen!!! i agree charge a fee and watch how all those ghetto nasty people wont come !!!! its a shame the people are given such a great thing and idiots with no manners or values have to ruin it. hopefully not for long!!!! strict rules and charge a fee and police and i bet none of these little cowards will come anywhere near because in the end it wont be their atmosphere !!!

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