Vinnie’s Pizzeria pays tribute to ‘Game of Thrones’

Vinnie’s Pizzeria on Bedford is known around the internet for their Tom Hanks trash can and their creative whiteboards. This week’s boards feature Game of Thrones characters in honor of the show’s return on Sunday. See more below:



  1. The pizza leaves much to be desired, but damn are these guys good at branding the entire place to capitalize off us hipsters. Good for them.

    • What a ‘hipster’ thing to say. Good for them for making money and not good pizza?! Hey to each their own. I think the pizza tastes very good (and has a good balance of textures too). All the special board art and shit on the walls can be a bit much for me, haha which is why I usually get delivery, but yeah, it all makes me think they actually love what they’re doing. All these detailed dry erase board drawings and funny pun themed pizza slices for one television show, in one week! Who does this shit?! Good for them is right.

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