Video: Yeasayer Records "Ambling Alp"

Check out this great behind-the-scenes video from P4K of Yeasayer recording Ambling Alp. In it, you’ll see that they, like all bands from time to time, worried Chris Keating’s vocals might come off as too Jagger, or that the band’s back-ups were going too Queen.

Yeasayer’s new album Odd Blood comes out February 9th, and it’s fantastic. (preorder)


  1. Oh man, I love this song. Yeasayer, IMO, can nail certain songs (2080, Tightrope, and this one) but make albums that fall flat on the whole (um… Odd Blood?). But oh man, I don’t think I can ever get enough behind-the-scenes footage of how some of my favorite songs actually come together.

  2. That’s not Yeasayer?

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