Video: The Dismemberment Plan – "Ice of Boston" (Live)

From Big Ass Lens:

Of all the indie bands we bumped hard in our high school and college days, The Dismemberment Plan still get knock in my stereo. They’re one of the few bands whose development is so finely traceable and their sound so consistently matured from record to record that I often wonder how it is they never got absolutely mega huge. Plenty of lesser bands wrote poppy indie-rock and got pretty massive, but none did it with the reflexivity, awareness and consummate skill of The Plan. From their raucous early two-fer “!” and “The Dismemberment Plan Is Terrified” it was obvious these cats had crazy energy and anarchic wit, but the quantum leap they made in “Emergency and I” and their swan song, “Change” is why we still talk about them in such reverential terms. It’s why they rank as high as they do on things like the Pitchfork Best Albums of the 90s list, and why when they announced some one off reunion shows months ago we all flipped bathing apeshit and copped tickets immediately.

Saturday night the moment finally came, and as fans who never saw them when they were still active, we were beyond pumped. Kicking off their set with the ever-appropriate “A Life Of Possibilities”, the band who once yearned to be described as Radiohead meets De La Soul showed no major signs of rust as they plowed through their densely nimble songs. Joe Easley, Eric Axelson and Jason Caddell still have the skill to jump the rails following singer Travis Morrison’s skittish delight and rein it all back together on a dime – delivering two hours of improbably massive hooks. What struck us watching and listening to a completely sold-out room go absolutely nuts screaming every word, each chorus hitting exactly where our pop trained minds tell us it should; was the underlying fact that these songs are still so damn strange! Sure the elements are familiar, and on-the-surface non-threatening, but the arrangements and intensity of the lyrics, and dexterity with which this band bundles it all together is simply unlike any other.

Visit Big Ass Lens to watch another video of D-Plan’s spazzed out “OK Joke’s Over”.


  1. So rad!!

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