Video of the bros living in a hamster wheel in Williamsburg

credit: Gothamist

credit: Gothamist

In case you missed the story, they’ll be living, sleeping, eating, and yes, shitting, in this contraption until March 9 over at Williamsburg’s Pierogi Gallery:

Shelley lives on the exterior of the wheel (so, basically, at the top, some 30 feet off the floor), and Schweder on the interior, because he’s afraid of heights.

Everything Shelley and Schweder need, furniture-wise, is fastened to the wheel: bed, desk, kitchen-bathroom combo, comfy chair, lamps, dresser. It looks like everything’s from IKEA.

Each piece of Shelley’s furniture is aligned with its Schweder counterpart. So they both have to work at their desk at the same time, use the bathroom in tandem, they have the same bedtimes, etc. They move the wheel to each station by walking in tandem in opposite directions. They go pretty slowly, for obvious safety reasons, and though it probably would be fun to see them break into a jog, or even go full Streb-style and sprint, that’s not likely to happen.

bout those bathrooms: unless there’s an emergency, the artists plan on spending every minute of their ten-day performance actually on the wheel so, yes, in addition to using those portable urinals favored by truckers, they also do their pooping up there. I guess they hold it during public viewing hours? It’s unclear who helps them with disposal.

Here’s some video of the thing:

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