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Video: This Might Be The Weirdest Subway Fight Yet

If you have lived in NYC for a while or have access to the internet you have seen your share of fights on the subway. I’ve never seen one quite like this. A scantily clad man in a golden thong and a scantily clad woman go literally toe-to-toe while hanging from the overhead bars before the woman pushes him to the ground. Off camera a man can be heard saying “that’s what you get” before the woman says “it’s my train on Thursdays.” A subway performer turf war? A piece of performance art? You be the judge:

Update: The participants of this hilarious fight have been identified as Instagrammers/friends @princezee
and @natfriedmantv

(h/t @acadte)

Josh Morrissey :Josh Morrissey has lived in Williamsburg long enough to remember Royal Oak, but not long enough to remember when The Levee was called Kokies and sold cocaine in the back. Find him on twitter: @JoshMorrissey